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  • :) Hi, i seen ur profile pic on ur reply to one of the threds. I had to pop in to say it made me chuckle. How many tests did u take? Lol...i was like that. Oh i dont believe tescos own brand i must try a clear blue. Etc etc etc..I think u may of taken a few more than me tho! x
    Hi lovely! Just read your message... PF has decided to stop working on my phone for some reason grr, so I can only come on on the computer now! Will have a little gander over now :) xxx
    Lynds :( still bfn on IC my cervix is getting low and this point I'm pretty sure I'm out
    I have tons of the IC :( the fact that they are crap comforts me and gives me hope that I still may have a bfp coming my way. However I have a feeling af is on her way as well. I have mixed emotions as you can see....
    on there is a IC hpt with barely a line and she was 19 dpo!!! Please God let that be my case where I have to get my bfp at the dr's!!
    hey hun thanks for checkin up on me :) im fine i had to go to work straight after my scan yesterday and when i got home i fell asleep lol glad everything went ok with yours xx
    I have 25 minutes left and I will have kept it in a full 12 hrs.....I didn't use preseed though hopefully it will come right out......
    Lynds, I had a positive opk this morning, ckecked with fmu. I have always read that you shouldnt use fmu but it gave me soft cup is in place! fx that it works and that I can take it oust easily lol!
    I removed it! like 2-3 hrs early...I'm a bit traumatized! I'm supposed to do this again! IDK if I can!
    Lynds I think I want to take this soft cup out, reckon it would be wise? I have had it in for 8-9 hrs!!!please advise!
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