Two BFPs, and now bleeding. Scared. Hysterical. Mood swings

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by Agoff, Sep 7, 2016.

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    Sep 7, 2016
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    Hello everyone,
    Please help. On August 2nd I had a BFP. Line is still there. Positive result still shows. I had queasiness with empty stomache, the runs, and constipation with exhaustion, shortness of breath and frequent urination nearly all of August!

    Well I took one a few weeks later and it was negative, however a positive line showed up then disappeared. :eh:

    then I read about the Hook effect. So I took another , third pg test and diluted my urine a little bit and got another positive but a bit more faint. :wall2:

    Well I got really emotional the week my period would have come. It skipped, then it showed up late, anywhere from five days to 3 days late. It was very heavy and bright red with chunks for two -3 days. My symptoms have eased up. Now i just have no appetite and feel dizzy and drained, and very very emotional, like I am pg.

    Then my really late "period" that was very different from my normal periods stopped yesterday with remaining brown color, very light, then stopped.

    Well this morning I had a terrible mood swing (been up since 1 am disagreeing with my boyfriend and we had another talk from 4 am to 6am this morning). I just went to take a leak and I had bright red period. It started again, then stopped. This is very unusual. Am I miscarrying?'
    What is going on? Am I even pregnant? Am I miscarrying? Am I having a period? Am I just spotting. Please vote. I have had false negatives throughout one entire pregnancy. I have also had a pregnancy where I had periods. I also had a false positive once before in my life. Please help me. I feel hysterical, and dizzy and drained and very emotional. This morning I burst into tears when I discovered my DD (ten ) lied to me about her homework. Nornally I am not so emotional. Please talk to me....
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    Sep 18, 2015
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    How confusing for you. Unfortunately there's just no way we can tell you what's going on, you really need to go to your gp and explain all this to them. They may give you a blood test and possibly a scan! I'm sorry what you're going through, I hope you get some answers xx

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