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Jul 27, 2005
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hi ya everyone i was wondering if neone has ne twins or twins in there family that could help me with you a few questions

for example
1- with twins wot is the average due time
2- is it really harder
3 - when do u feel your first kick
4 - can u have a natural labour
and any other info as i dont know anyone who has or had twins !!!
and i aint seeing my useless M/W till next week
thank you love sarah braydon and the twins
I know one person with twins and she delivered 3 weeks early, she had one vaginally but due to the postion of the other had to have a c-section, so she had to get over giving birth and a section! :shock: She said it was very hard work for a few years as she was contantly on the go, when one finished feeding the other would want feeding and by the time she finished, the other one would start again!! lol lot easier when they go to school!

Sorry not been a lot of help!!
not got any advice but i always watch discovery health. theres one where a young woman has twin boys and it shows through the last months of her pregnancy until after they are born, little things like how the best way to feed them etc

ive picked up a few tips off there for carey :d
I replied in off-topic but i'l reply here too.
I haven't had twins obviously but can answer a couple of your questions.

1- with twins wot is the average due time
37 weeks is considered full term for twins, alot are born between 35 and 38 weeks.
2- is it really harder
Double trouble! But twice the rewards too. If your twins are on different sleep patterns to eachother you may find yourself struggle at night, so Garry really will need to help!
3 - when do u feel your first kick
Not sure if it's different for twins, but with singleton pregnancies, first kicks are normally felt between 18-22 weeks, sometimes before. In a second pregnancy they are normally felt a bit earlier at 16 weeks. You might feel it earlier than this with twins.
4 - can u have a natural labour
It depends on how the babies ae lying when you go into labour. If they are both head down then most docs/mw's will let you trial labour for a vaginal birth. But if one or both are breech they may not let you. It has been known for the first twin to come vaginally and the second by c-section because the second twin can still turn as they are not engaged.

Hope that helps a bit! x
Hi Sarah,

I am a twin and I was born two weeks late (my mum didnt know in them days) and she had us vaginally. I weighed 4.1/4lb and my sister was 4 3/4 lb.

Now they dont let you get to 40 weeks now and the furthest they let you go is 37 weeks, they induce and still like you to have V delivery unless there are previous complications and a c section required.

My mum found it really hard and my nan pretty much moved in, for the first few weeks.

but mum said generally once she had a routine, then she really enjoyed it.

I think it is great that you are expecting twins and I wish you all the very best for your pregnancy.

you can definitley deliver twins normally, it's just a lot of people choose a C-section. Of course, if you have a section you won't be able to pick up Braydon for 6 weeks!

My friend delivered her twins naturally with only natural pain relief, accupuncture and aromatherapy etc!
Depending on how your pregnancy is going they may let you go full term they let my friend who had twin boys go full term, but it may depend on which hospital you are at???
I still cant get over your having twins, im so stunned and excited for you! :D


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