Triple Test Results- Help Needed UPDATED


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Sep 12, 2007
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When I got home last night there was a letter from the Midwife saying that she had called round because the results of my triple test had come back. Here is what it says:

"Your Downs Risk Factor is 1:250 which is classed as low risk. However, the Alphafetaprotein (AFP) has been reported to be raised"

I'm absolutely devestated. It also says that they have booked an appointment at the hospital for a scan at 1.40pm today.

Has anybody else had a similar result before? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Just got back from scan. Sonographer said everything looked absolutely fine :D and there was nothing to cause any concern at all. Spoke to the screening co-ordinator afterwards and asked her about the 1:250 Downs result that I had been given. She looked very confused and check her notes. She showed us the lab report which said 1:250,000!!

Seems that the midwife who had told me it was 1:250 had written down the wrong figure. I'm so happy but at the same time so angry :twisted: . How can they make a mistake like that?
try not to panic hun, i know its scary but it doesnt always mean there is anything wrong with your baby these tests are very unreliable and have been wrong a loads occasions, hope all goes well at the scan today :hug:
Sorry I can't offer any explanation of what your test results mean but want to wish you all the best with the scan :hug: :hug:
hi hun,

please dont worry! I had this with my son and was worried sick! went for a scan with the head sonographer n all was well.

they told me it could have just been my bloods was just over the chart thing that they use by a tit hy bit so they like to double check everything!

Im sure all will be fine.

Good luck n let us know how it goes :hug:
aw hun, i can totally understand how your feeling :hug: :hug:

i got my spina bifida tests back with raised AFP and got a letter asking to come in for an early detailed scan, i went through hell until my appointment, cant describe how i felt but im sure your feeling the same now :hug:

BUT.. when i got my early scan it showed our little bean was fine! spine and brain were both growing normal. the sonographer said that 9 out of 10 people with increased/raised AFP actually have healthy babies.

one of the reasons iv been given for having raised AFP is because im really skinny and the AFP level is based on an average persons weight. same goes if you are slightly overweight. therefore can cause a variation in AFP anyway so that may be the cause.

try not to worry until you have had the scan hun, there are several reasons for these results, it doesnt mean something is wrong with your little one!

if you want to talk or anything PM me anytime, and good luck with your scan :hug: :hug: :hug:
Hi hun, I don't really have much advice for you as I've not been through this myself, or know anybody who has, but I just wanted to wish you luck for the scan and I really hope everything turns out fine :hug:
Thank you for all your good wishes. I have called the midwife back who left the letter but she couldnt really tell me anymore than the letter says. Just that the hospital will carry out a really detailed scan and then go from there.

I feel absolutely sick with worry.
Aw hun! :hug:

I really hope everything is ok for you and you don't worry too much!
Just been having a look around - these levels are supposed to go up through the pregnancy, so it could even be something as simple as a change in the pregnancy date - but otherwise it just indicates that further tests are needed. I am sure all will be ok - and will be thinking of you for your scan. Hope all is ok - Jimmer
I hope the scan goes well, it sounds like there are other reasons for this being raised and all could be fine at least you have a scan straight away pretty much so can find out quickly and dont have too long stressing and worrying over it really hope all is well! :hug:
So glad that everything went well with the scan, you must be so relieved.

I can't believe they made such a mistake with your downs results, what a worry.

I hope you can continue to enjoy your pregnancy now :hug:
Glad everything is well with your LO :cheer:

What a relief for you :D

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