To tell or not to tell???

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by Rooander, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. Rooander

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    Apr 9, 2005
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    Would like to know what you thought out there. Our son is 8yrs old and is wanting a brother or sister so much. Hes always on at us to hurry up and have one. Well we are now pregnant, about 6 wks, but we're not sure when to tell. Im worried that if we tell him theres one on the way and something happens how do we tell him? And isn't it a long time for him wait?
    In a real dilemma here.
    We have thought about telling him at the first scan ie: take him with us so he can see.
    What do you think?
  2. Urchin

    Urchin Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2005
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    My husband was so excited we told out 3 year old at 6 weeks.

    He's very excited and talks about it all the time, kissing my tummy etc.

    I know exactly how you feel about worrying if something goes wrong though. I just keep my fingers crossed. Because he's 3 he won't really anyway.

    If you can wait for the scan I would, but will he pick it up from your behaviour or overheard conversations?
  3. Kerry

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    May 11, 2005
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    My two are 4 and 5 and we told them yesterday - they are both pretty sensible understanding kids and we have explained about Mummy having to be careful to make sure the baby doesn't stop growing etc. They are such a HUGE part of anything we do that we wnated them to be involved from as early as possible.

    I also wanted them to understand why Mummy doesn't always feel that great at the moment and that there is nothing wrong with me etc.

    Anyway, I am sure whatever people do is right for them, their kids and their family at the time.

    Love to you all
  4. Lyn_no3

    Lyn_no3 Well-Known Member

    Jul 6, 2005
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    I have 2 sons already they are 5 and 4 and my husband was also very excited about telling everyone to be honest, so they knew from about 8 wks.
    It has seemed like a very long time for them and although im really glad they are seeing me grow and knowing why i wish i could of waited a bit longer because all i get now is " Mum is the baby coming today... " or when i say i'm going to see the midwife they think its so she can get the baby out lol
    At least they are excited about the whole thing tho :)

    good luck to everyone else

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