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the walking dead

Oh me too... I feel bad for not liking him because he's only a kid! x
LOL It was pretty good. I think Carl is okay. I just hope Neegan doesn't do anything to Judith! :shock:
Really? LOL Everywhere on the Facebook Walking Dead fan club, women are saying how they are crazy about him! LOL I don't know what they see in him. Hahaha! :lol: That's cool if you like him, you are NOT alone! :D
It wasn't until this weeks episode that I realised my Negan attraction is due to the fact he is my husbands actual double, looks wise and a lot of his mannerisms! I absolutely love Daryl so have been struggling for weeks saying to hubby I just love Negan but i don't know why lol... Then when he was standing in Ricks house shaving i was like omg, he's actually you to my hubby! He can't see it but I put up a Facebook post comparing photos and everyone has since agreed lol, hoping he doesn't take up an interest in baseball anytime soon! Also our chosen name should we ever be blessed with a boy is Glenn... Awkward!
I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a Negan attraction!!! :lol: my hubby thinks I'm bonkers! The second last episode where he said to Olivia about screwing I couldn't stop laughing. I totally hate him for killing Glenn and Abraham but can't help love him at the same time!!

Claire I'm so intrigued to see your hubby now :lol: xx
Are you all enjoying it so far? I'm a bit bored tbh but hoping it will pick up again soon... I just want to see more of Negan!! :blush: x
haha me too bellecat! he is deffo my fave!

last weeks episode very disappointing and felt like a fill in episode! rubbish

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