The Coffee Break Challenge


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Mar 11, 2006
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All areas of the forum are used but quite often people find it hard to create a topic for just chit-chats and laughs which we all enjoy ....I think? Or people want to join in and just don't relate ....sooooo I thought why don't we set ourselves a challenge and every day plan to at least create one off topic thread in 'The Lounge' ...can be anything.

A bonding exercise :lol: whist encouraging the quieter member to find at least one topic they would enjoy being involved in.

What do you think? x
I've noticed the games have gone quite lately too!! I think a new one needs to be started...?
Are you giving us permission to spam on a daily basis!?

I'm in!!

Create conversation Terrie, tut lol!

Vix :lol: I never said I liked the name either btw :lol:
I know you don't like it :lol: I remember on my thread, lols!
Good memory if I've said that somewhere :lol: Charls will be fine :lol:
Ok Charls :D

Getting a bit hmmm about calling you Wobbles all the time, lol!
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I don't mind lol Tends to confuse others who end up thinking "who is Charls", etc :lol:
I'm up for a bit of spamming with no repercussions :lol: I wana see what comes after addict!
Ok were confusing bonding and spamming :rofl:

And erm within reason in the lounge :shock: lol!!!
Hahaha can we have some more personal ones in the Girlies Room :rofl:
I called Wobbles something entirely different :lolly:
What you call her? :lol:

I think we should have a chat thread aswell!!

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