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The Big Bang Theory.....

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poor amy though, i loved her line this week about putting sheldons repetition tick to good use. and Princess bride night at Raj's!
x Daisy
I love this show :) Its one of our favs! My youngest loves it, I think he has a crush on penny though lol
Its so so so funny! I like Sheldon and Penny, they should get together lol :)
I like it, it can be funny, love Sheldon, but I got a feeling my husband only watches it for Penny lol
LOVE BBT!!! I love all the character can't wait to see what Howard and Bernadotte call their baby I really want Amy and sheldon to get married!!!
I also love the BBT. It's getting abit boring atm though. Only one huge thing seems to happen per season :/ x
Yes I agree I love it to but they repeat the same shows and u get bored plus only one big thing happens per season x
Apparently they're only doing up till season 10 then it's ending. Just what I've herd x
My husband's mum watching it all day long for the past week) I think she got addicted)
I've watched the entire series twice and would love to do it again. But I do prefer Parks and Recreation than this one.
Sheldon is always the best, but Bernadette (especially ver voice - she reminds me my English teacher, who definitely didn't like me) and Howard pissed me off:wall2:
I looooovvvveeeee this show so much!!! Defo my fav is one where sheldon gets loads of diff size bath sets for penny just incase, and when she gives him the napkin with Leonard nemoy DNA he gets really happy and hugs her :smile:
also love this show. Very happy for Sheldon and Amy. At last Amy married)
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