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The Big Bang Theory.....

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Amy and Sheldon are the best! Every episode of those 2 together just crack me up! Amy is my favourite charter though :)
I love Sheldon. Even his looks have me laughing.
And Leonard is a bit cute. :)

I agree! They are great. Especially the one in the last series when Amy had flu, that was soooo funny!
Love love love big bang. sheldon, Leonard and penny are my fav. Can't stand priya tho. Find her VERY annoying
Currently watching the Halloween one on E4 where they try and scare Sheldon :D
I'm not sure I'm liking the new 'party' Leonard but we shall see what next week brings!
Didn't think he would but I'm staying good and not watching early :) I'm running out of actual telly to watch but watching before a program is actually on lol
I liked the bit when he found out Leonard was back early at Pennys! x
I'm loving Howard having side effects from rubbing cream into his mother lmao!
I love the 1 where he acts like the hulk too. I just love him. lol

The one with him jiggling his boobs was hilarious!
Absolutely LOVE BBT. My partner got me into it. First few times I watched it I was a bit *Meh* and then I suddenly couldn't get enough of it.

Absolutely love Sheldon!!!

Favourite part ever was when Sheldon was keeping the secret that Penny didn't graduate from community college from Leonard and decided to move out... He went to stay with Raj who soon got fed up with him and took him to Howard's

He rang Howard's doorbell and Howard shouted who is it though the door and Raj said "STRIPPERGRAM!!!'

One of the funniest moments on it - to me anyway!

OH and I also love Sheldon and Leonards apartment. I tried to get him the Batman cookie jar for Christmas but it was too expensive to justify the cost. So I got him Leonards Lighsaber instead! :D
Love BBT ! OH loved it and got Me hooked, last week with Amy and Howard singing to Neil diamond cracked me up lol
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