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    For those of u that are working.. When u do ur working tax credits for when u are on maternity leave ..They allow u an extra £3900 a year off your annual income.. e.g. 39 weeks at £100..This is because u will be taxed on your maternity pay through your employer..
    E.g. my maternity starts on sunday and i have rang them today because i already have a child.. and there is 9 weeks left in the tax year from sunday .. So the lady has deducted £900 off which will take me to the end of this tax year.. Then she said when i do my review in april to knock the other £3000 off..
    Also if u are still being payed through your employer you are classed as working and its only after u dont get paid by them.. e.g. u take 3 months unpaid maternity that u need to let them know..

    I hope u can understand all that !!! :D

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