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tax credit or busy bee vouchers


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Jul 11, 2007
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Ellie starts nursery in a few weeks and we are not sure if we would be better off claiming the tax credits towards the fees or busy bee vouchers.

we will be entitled to aprox £90 a week in tax credits but can have £55 each a week in vouchers tax free out of our wages, not sure which to go for.

what did you do?
You can do both - they are completely different things.

Valentine Xxx
can you?

the people at busy bees told us we could only do one or the other we had hoped to do both now i'm all confused...
You can claim Working Families Tax Credit from HM Government towards the cost of childcare AND childcare vouchers through your employer. They are completly seperate benefits and if you are entitled to them both, you can claim them both.

Double check with the Tax Credit office, for your individual circumstances, but that's what we're doing.

To request a claim form or for general tax credit enquiries, telephone the helpdesk on 0845 300 3900. The Tax Credits helpdesk is open from 8am - 8pm seven days a week including bank holidays.
Valentine Xxx

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