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Sorry if this has been asked


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Nov 20, 2007
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Sorry if this question has been asked and answered over and over but I am new to this site and also to ttc. I think I am getting the idea of all the dates and ovulation etc but do you ladies recommend BD'ing every day or every other day?

If the egg only survives 24 hours after ovulation do the sperm have time to get all the way there if you BD on ovulation day?

Thank you ladies
Shame to you all that looked and didnt reply!!!

Bd on ovulation day is still a sure way to get pregnant - you dont need to think abourt it in great detail - they survive and they will get there - you haver a great chance of getting pregnant! :D
Hi Jilly,

I would bed every day from about 3 or 4 days before ov and including ov day. Before then i'd bed maybe 3 times a week from when af stops. And after ov i'd only bd for pleasure as there aint much chance of conception after ov. Although I have to admit I don't bd often in the 2ww :oops: !

Hope this helps

Ditto what the others have said.

To maximise your chances you need to BD on the days leading up to ovulation and it won't harm to do it the couple of days after ovulating too.

Good luck!
Bagpuss17 said:
Ditto what the others have said.

To maximise your chances you need to BD on the days leading up to ovulation and it won't harm to do it the couple of days after ovulating too.

Good luck!

Oh yes as Bagbuss has metioned, I also BD the day after ov just in case!
Thanks everyone for your replies. I don't have any advice to pass on yet as this is only our first month so going to try extra hard next month as we only decided this month on ovulation day so didn't have the opportunity to BD before ovulation.

I can't believe how difficult it is to get pregnant, I guess I just thought it would happen as soon as we decided! I also said I wouldn't get obsessed until we'd tried for a few months but I'm already hooked.

This is a fantastic group of lovely ladies and I wish everybody BFP's for christmas!!
Good luck Jilly.

It took me a few minutes to work out was BD was so Im not the best person to ask lol
Hi Jilly,

I agree with all the others!

If you're really hooked and want some reading material, Toni Weschler's book Taking Charge of Your Fertility will answer almost all of your questions and help you to understand more about optimal intercourse timing.

The thing about 'ovulation day' is that you can never be sure of exactly when it is... you can guesstimate to within a day or so. If you use OPKs, they predict that ovulation will occur within 12-36 hours of a positive result (though many women don't get + results at all on them!) and if you're charting your temperature, you may find your temp rises on the day of ov, the day after, or slowly over the next few days... So you basically make an educated guess based on all your fertile signs.

There are a couple of websites based on the Fertility Awareness Method - www.fertilityfriend.com and www.ovusoft.com. Most women on here who are charting seem to use FF - it's very user-friendly, plus it's free for basic features for a limited time, so you can trial it first. I believe Ovusoft charges immediately.

The egg survives for 12 hours after ovulation, sperm typically survive 2-3 days in fertile conditions, and take approx 2 hours to get to where they need to be for conception (top of Fallopian tube). So if you happened to ovulate at 6am on O day, and had intercourse that evening, you'd be too late. If you happened to ovulate later on that same day, say at 11pm, you'd still have a chance of conception if you had intercourse the following morning, O+1. Most books advise intercourse every other day from 8 days or so before expected ovulation (in case you O early), then every day from 2 days before ovulation until 1 day after, inclusive.

Hope that helps.

mrs_tommo22 said:
Shame to you all that looked and didnt reply!!!

I guess this is because of the number of lurkers - you need to be registered and logged in to post. I sometimes look at the site from the library, when I'm researching there, but I'd never log in on a public computer - not least because the pcs there are all set up so you can't log in to anything other than your library account, even email. Look but don't touch! I only log in to sites from my home computer... Lucky I work from home most of the time! :rotfl:

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