constantly thinking of BFP - need a few answers


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Feb 4, 2005
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I'm driving my self mad... i'm sure everyone who has been trying can relate to this.... one day i'm on a natural high... convincing myself i'm pregnant then the next day i'm not so sure.... i wind myself up that much that i end up in fluids of tears... and all this is before i've ovulated!

Well this month i was putting everything into trying. We started off BD on the 5th day past Af and we've been BD every other day since. Yesterday was day 11. I've been doing my ovulation tests since day 8 and every thing was going okay. The day 11 (fri) my stixs detected ovulation (got 2 lines) My husbands works a double shift on a Fri inc the nite. So I knew we couldn't BD on the 11th day. We BD on the 10th day so fingers crossed his fishers where there waiting! We BD again today which is day 12. I tested again today for ovulation and i'm still getting 2 lines.... Now i'm going crazy with worry!!!!! do you think we've BD enough. Husband is working tonight so we're gonna BD again tomorrow morning and hope we've covered ovulation okay!!!!

I'm a little concerned over the amount of CM i'm producing or not producing in my case. Up to day 11 when I detected ovulation i had the normal white, cloudy, none stretchy white mucus, but not much of it (sorry!) but then on day 11 it went and a more see throu, slightly off white, liquidy mucus appeared and quite a lot of it. But it wasn't stretchy like egg whites... does it have to be stretchy? I've had ovulation pains all today (day 12)...

What do you think? did we Bd enough and on the right days. What's going on with the mucus?

awwww hun i know exactly how u feel i been the same this month one day im convinced im going to get bfp the next i know its going to be bfn im driving myself insane.
i know cm is important but try not to worry about it as ive heard a lot of ladies on here saying they didnt have hardly any the month they conceived.
they say the fishies can live up to 5 days and as long as u bd at least once every 2-3 days u should have ovulation covered hun :D
good luck and i hope u get a nice bfp this month xxxxxxxxxxx
Don't panic about the CM thing too much! I took 3 cycles to get preg, with the first 2 cycles I had stretchy clear cm on O day, but the 3rd cycle I didn't in fact I didn't really have much of any kind of CM...that's the cycle I got my bfp! :D

My DH also works shifts so I understand about the BD thing, I think we BD the few days before O and then not again for a couple of days after - but guess that did it! lol

You can BD upto 3 days before O and still have some little swimmers left to catch that egg!

Good luck and think positive!


Thanks for your replies. I'm in a feel good mood today! Hoping I stay in this mood till testing. Went to see my best mates baby yesterday. She gave birth after 2 weeks late. She had a boy 7lb 10oz callled him Charley. He is the youngest baby i've held. He was only 8 hours old. Absoloutely grogeous.

Good luck to any testing soon.

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