Should I wait a day or continue BDing?


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Oct 2, 2011
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Hey all,

So I'm supposed to ovulate on Saturday. I have been getting slight ewcm yesterday and today.

This is how we BDed this week

Saturday BD

Sunday BD

Monday Break

Tuesday BD

Wednesday BD

I got this information off my android baby centre pregnancy app:

"Assuming you and your partner have normal fertility, your likelihood of conceiving is:

- 4% if you have sex 5 days before ovulation

- 15% if you have sex 4 days before ovulation

- 25% to 28% if you have sex 1 or 2 days before ovulation

- 8% if you have sex within 24 hours of ovulation"

So going by this I'm unsure as to whether I should wait tonight and then start trying again on Friday and Saturday or whether I should go for it tonight and wait tomorrow then BD again on Saturday.

I don't know whether I should try tonight because I'm worried that because we BDed two days in a row already that a third is pushing the quality of the sperm a bit, whereas if we wait then try again tomorrow night I'm worried we've missed the most likely chances day being 2 days before at 25% to 28%.

What do you ladies think?

Also it might help adding that I am on Boots own conception support tabs and OH is on a supplement containing folic acid and zinc. Would that cross out the every other day is better than every day rule? Or would it still be risky trying 3 days in a row?

I'm nervously awaiting opinions lol

Hi chloenat.

I would leave it till tomorrow, if you have bed 2 days in a row, remember sperm live for several days so leaveing it tonight wont make any difference cause you will have sperm waiting ready if your egg does come out. Bedding every other day is better, do a day miss a day, the only time i would say do the two days ina row would be when you get your positive ovulation test & the day after.

You both being on the supplements is good! so thats keeping your oh's sperm in good quality & giving you the vitamins you need for a healthy conception.

Good luck hope you get your BFP xx
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Hey Star33

Thanks for your reply I was thinking the same thing that it would be better to wait a day. Gonna be hard keeping the OH away. He seems to enjoy this BDing a whole lot more for different reasons lol

Hi ChloeNat,

I was also wondering this when I was around my fertile time, I did lots of research online and I found this info that I found really helpful; its from fertilityfriend

Intercourse Frequency
There has been some speculation that couples who are trying to conceive should reduce the frequency of sexual intercourse during the fertile window to increase sperm supply. This is not true for most couples. While couples with known male factor issues should consult their doctor for the best intercourse strategy, couples with normal fertility and no known sperm issues should not reduce the frequency of intercourse in the fertile window. Your probability of conception is increased when you have intercourse multiple times in your fertile window. While it is true that sperm concentrations decrease slightly with increasing intercourse frequency, frequent intercourse is still more likely to result in conception than infrequent intercourse for couples with no male factor fertility issues. Each additional act of intercourse within your fertile window increases your probability of conception for that cycle.

Hope this helps and good luck xx
oh gosh now I'm confused! lol

Thanks for the info lisey :) I found something like this earlier which caused the initial confusion xD

All that means is by having frequent sex is good for mens fertility because if you abstain from sex for a long length of time then the sperm can die become over mature & lose there motility onec released. Men with infertility problems are told to abstain for 3 days while ttc however you will read different things on the net. You wont know which one to follow if you read them all, they all say somthing different. I go by what my fertility doctor has told me, my husband has no problem with fertility but STILL we are told to bed every other day through out my cycle & told to bed day of ovulation & day after & then told not to have any more sex just for ttc because the sperm lives for several days " the words he used was " give him a break after your positive ovulation test. hahahaha. x
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I have been soooooo confused over this subject, there are so many conflicting answers to it. Its helpful to know that it came directly from a fertility Dr.
I am sure a days break won't hurt at all but I know its hard when you know you are in those fertile days...I just kept thinking, what if this is the day that would have got me pregnant and then I dont do it. I am a proper stress-head though :roll: xx

In the end we BDed anyway but it wasn't my fault! :p And it wasn't necessarily for TTC purposes LOL!

We're leaving it tonight as I should ovulate tomorrow we will BD tomorrow and day after then every other day for rest of cycle just incase I don't ovulate exactly when I think.

Can't help but not feel too positive after last month but at least I won't get my hopes up and crushed again :/
Hey, I am the same as you, I think ovulation is today or tomorrow. I bd tuesday and Thursday night and I got a positive opk this morning so I am going to try and bd tonight. I hope I have done enough this month!

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