amounts of sperm (TMI)


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Jan 1, 2008
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If you BD alot around the fertile period, is there less and less sperm each time?

I've been in my fertilie period since the weekend and we've been BD'ing and there was definitely less last night than Sunday night, for example. Would it be better to do it a couple of time on the max. fertility days than every day upto ovulation?

I've read somewhere else that if you BD too often then it becomes less concentrated, but from my experience, there's actually less of it.

Notice i say "it" alot :rotfl: :rotfl:
I have noticed when me and my man make love on more then one occation or the next day there is less sperm
well basicaly it gets used up and has to be replenished.
The day i concieved we made love twice
And i had no sex the week before or the week after
We were suprised we got preggers from this
I guess twice is a charm :wink:

Im no expert this is just what happend to me
give it a go if nothing else you get to have lots of nookie in one day
Good luck on getting preggers:pray:
Lol Sarah :hug:
Yep it definitely lessens each time with my OH too, which is a bit of a bugger really. I want the most possible at exactly the right time! But you got to do it lots to make sure and its not safe to wait right up until the last day when you think you are about to ovulate in case you have missed the egg! this TTC malarky is just too hard! :evil:

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