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some weird guy...


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Apr 13, 2007
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has just pulled up in his car outside my house and shook his head at me :shock:

I have no idea who he is :shock:

weirdo :roll:
ah that would be the mystery head shaker, he has been sighted all over the world shaking his head at random strangers....no-one quite knows what his motives are but some believe he is attempting to spread dandruff. :rotfl:

Seriously tho hun, thats odd lol, probably thought you were someone else?
I hope not - thinking of the people who live round me I wouldn't want to be mistaken for any of them :rotfl:
He was probably delivering take away food and thought he had found the right house then got out and realised it was the wrong house. Or he might have been looking for a relatives house that he has never been to before and thought it was your house then got out and saw it wasn't. Depends how he shook his head. Was it a *oh no! I am a fool* shake or was it a *tut tut you are a fool* shake?
well it was 8 am so doubt it was takeaway :wink:

it was more of a tut tut type of shake..
You wern't putting your rubbish out in your underwear again were you? Honestly, ive told you a million times :roll: :rotfl: :rotfl:
libs said:
well it was 8 am so doubt it was takeaway :wink:

it was more of a tut tut type of shake..

:oops: @ takeaway :lol:

ooo a tut tut shake :think: Have you pissed anyone off recently?
nah - that's mondays :wink:

saturday is big cuddly dressing gown, hair like Drop dead Fred and pink woolly socks....

I may have just answered my own question - perhaps he was the mobile branch of Trinny and Susannah :rotfl:
lol- u should hav waved ur arms around ur head gesticulating wildly! that wouldve bewildered him hehe

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