STOOPID Ford Garage!!


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Apr 7, 2005
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My car had to go to the garage today. Last time it went in for something they noticed a part needed replacing that was still under warrenty so they ordered the part and told me to re-book it in.

Today I took it to them at 9am, parked in their car park and started unloading Brody, the big car seat and the pushchair cos my mate was coming to pick us up.
The car park attendant said "You carry on and I'll bring the car seat to the service office"

I took Brody in the pushchair and waited for an hour while they faffed about in the office trying to find out what part it was they'd ordered :evil: They kept asking me if I knew what part it was...grrrr it's a part of an engine!... how the hell am I suppsed to know what it is???...They hadn't even told me when they ordered it and there was no record of it in the file :evil:

Anyway, at last, they found it, my mate was sitting in her car outside with her 18 month old getting really bored so finally I went to find out where my car seat was. I found the guy and he said
"oh yeah I put it into your father-in-laws car"
I said, "you'd have a problem doing that cos my father in law's car is in South Africa with my FIL!" Turns out some guy had pulled up, told he was there to pick up his daughter-in-law and the car park guy just loads MY car seat into his car without asking, and the guy picks up his DIL and drives off.

So now I'm STUCK at the bloomin garage, can't go anywhere unless I walk! I told they if they didn't sort it pronto I was gonna walk to Mothercare and buy a new car seat and give them the receipt!
They eventually tracked the guy down and luckily he lived locally so was back in about 20 mins. He didn't think anything of it when the car park guy gave him me seat cos his daughter in law has lots of kids. She gets in the car, doesn't even look on the back seat and they drive away!!

I was only supposed to drop my car off, a 2 minute job took 2 HOURS!!!

:evil: :evil: :evil:
Jesus christ, What a bloody cock up...I'd write a letter of complaint to H.O, Whoever is managing that garage obviously couldnt work his/her way out of a paper bag let alone sort out the ins and outs of a garage. Oh well at LEAST they sorted it in the end :wall: :wall: bloody numptys!
That's silly! :wall:

Give em hell hun! :twisted:
Nah I'm not going to complain, I felt really sorry for the poor car park guy actually. He was only trying to help, yeah he should have checked first, but he was so bloody mortified when he realised what he'd done I don't have the heart to make more of a fuss about it.

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