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Smelly BO woman! tmi?


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Aug 2, 2007
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Hi Guys

This is really annoying, I have never had a problem with BO before, have always used Mitchum mega deoderant and washed/shaved pits every morning...however just recently about lunctime I smell horendous, like have just done a workout 5 days ago and not washed since!

Please help..advice or just someone to tell me I am not the only minger!

Are you sure or is it just your sense of smell gone into overdrive and everyone else thinks you are fine?
I would get OH to give you a sniff as it is probably in your head!

I use that Mitchum stuff too and it is great- wouldn't have thought you would get smelly using that :)
ive had to change my deoderant a few times during this preg..its as if my bodys got used to it or something.. but i notice i also sweat a little more..
I am definitely sweating more since being pregnant.

Yesterday i forgot to put on any deodorant after I had a shower :puke: :puke: I smelt like a workman.
I've felt smellier too but nothing my trusty sure can't cope with o/h assures me I smell normal so I've been trusting his nose. Perhaps it is your sense of smell, mine has become much more acute-especially for choc and cakes!!

I'm a stinker too. And i never used to be. DH says I don't but OMG I'm sure I do...roll on and spray after the shower, and at lunch time, and tea time......well you get the picture.

Unfortunately I can't post a scratch and sniff for unbias opinions.
i was thinking the same and kept telling my OH i stink, but he said he cant smell any thing :think:

i think it must be in my head lol
I always thought I smelled more but OH always said I didn't smell. Either it was in my head or he was trying to make me feel better :)
At every point women have to change their deodrant, I was using sprasy and few years ago and had to go on roll on - sure is pretty good and sos dove and nivea.
i think i smell more... don't know if i'm just paranoid... but i'm sure its worse now than before i got pregnant. :oops: :oops:

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