should i leave?


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Oct 9, 2005
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hiya girls
as most of u no im 15 in my last year of skool and due 30th jan.
the skool has arraged a home teacher for me when i leave skool. jakie (the teacher) has just told me i can come out of skool now and shell start teaching me.
i wont to stay in to try finsh as much of my coursework as posible but latly ive been really tierd and had to take time of skool to try catch up on sleep and ive come down with a bad cold and cough so ill prob and up takin more time off.
so i was thinkin i should leave skool now cuz at least ill be learnin somethink while im off ill. or i should push my slef to stay in cuz im goin to miss enough skool when babys ere what do u think.
i am goin back to skool after babys born
hey, well im still at college i do my main course lessons but my teachers have said theres no need to do key skills, so im only at college on a monday, wednesday and friday so its not as bad as being at school 5 days a week i suppose.

i do paid work from home too to whenever i get a bit of time im doing that work so same as you im knackered.

i reckon you should start your home teaching now, how far gone are you again? if you dont your just going to wear yourself out and then you'll be no good for any sort of education.

hope it works out for you. xxx
i think if u are starting to suffer i would finish now u wouldnt want to hurt u or your baby i think both u and amy r doing really well staying at skool/college this long - dont forget some people start mat leave from work at 29 weeks
do wot is best for u and your baby
when i was preg with kylie i left skool at 30 weeks because i kept being really tired and the midwife was worried.
kylie was born 4 weeks early and i never went back to skool :(

nearly 2 yrs later i am still not back in skool and the skool never gave me a home teacher haha.

cya all luv marylou xxx
that sucks tthe skool should have given u home tutoring!!

IS there a reason u had kylie 4 weeks early?
hiya girls
tar for ur help. ive decided to leave school early cuz im under the weather anyway so i might as well have my home teacher. im goin in for 3 lesons so i dont fall to far behind (only up till xmas)
yeh that dus suck sarah!!

no there isnt a reason i had kylie early i dont think anyway :) the midwife said that it might have been because there was no more room for her to grow coz i was too small!! haha

lol - i take it she was ok tho??? if i had gone into labour 4 weeks early i would have been scared sh*tless! how big was she at birth?? how big was demi at birth and how big is she now??

BB was 7 lb 14 1/2 oz and was 12 lb 9 last tues a big boy now
hiya sarah
ye she was ok. i was def scared shitless!! kylie weighed 4lb 8oz an demi weighed 6lb 4oz. demi weighs 7lb 9oz now!! getting bigger :D

luv marylou xxx
i had to stay in hospital for ages. until her due date!!

sorry i dont have msn :-( if i did i wud add you.

its ok --- 4 weeks omg staying in for 1 nite did my head in lol - ididnt even want that but as i had 4 degree tears they sed it would be best -- who did u have as ur birthing partners for both girls???
hows demi sleep at nite
hiya sarah
for my birthing partners i had no1 :cry: for both of them.
i wanted my dad or someone but my dad couldnt come in so i had no1 else.

demi sleeps fine but shes got a bit of a cough right now so neither of us sleeps.

luv marylou xxxxx
awww that is horrible i really feel for u - y wasnt your dad allowed? i think the hospital would have had a fight on there hands if that was me
they would have had a fight on their hands if i could walk lol!
i had a c-sec so they said that only partners were allowed in :cry:
stupid hospital rules!!!!
luv marylou xxx
that is stupid when i was in hospital i told em my parents were to be counted as my partners and i didnt want my ex near me lol and i wouldnt take no for an awnser
go u!!! i wud av dun dat if i wznt in so much agony an wasnt scared shittles!
cya luv marylou xxxxx
hiya girls
ive now left school.
i feel so much better now im gettin more rest
awww glad u r feeling better hope everything is ok for u?

how is everyone else?

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