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Jun 25, 2007
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Just Wondering How Your Appointment Went Today Hun :) I Hope Your BP Is Ok Now & Your Feeling Better :hug: xx
Thanks for thinking of me :) Just read your post and I'm so glad everything went well for you.

Well I was sooooooo nervous of going to the doctors but they did another urine test and no protein and also no swelling. My BP was 140/90 and they took it again 5 minutes later and it was 138/85 so the doctor was happy to put it down to anxiety. I was very glad not to be sent back to the hospital.

He was a locum doctor and I was a bit surprised he didn't listen to the baby's heartbeat but not too worried as the midwife I went to see for reflexology listened to it yesterday and it was fine then.

My due date is today but apart from a very mild tension headache and feeling a little bit sick in the morning, I don't feel at all like anything is going to happen. They've given me an induction date of 17th December which feels like a lifetime away and I can have three sweeps on the 14th/15th/16th - yuk! :(

Anyway, thanks again - any advice from anyone on how to beat white coat syndrome would be brilliant!

Thats Great News Im Glad All Was Well :dance: Happy Due Date Too! xxx
my midwives and gp have just got used to me having white coat syndrome and take it into account when doing my bp. its not too bad at the moment (about 130/75) but they do it at the end of the appointment now, rather than the start. and depending on the midwife, i lie down to have it taken too, rather than sit at the desk - seems to help!


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