Seeing Cessation Counsellor Tomorrow - TERRIFIED


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Jun 14, 2005
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My OH finally agreed to quit!!!

We had some long talks about smoking in the new flat - we're hoping to move before the birth - and he eventually agreed that it made sense to quit!!! (Actually what really swung it for him was that he went surfing and realised how bad his lungs are, but never mind.)

Anyhow. I'm seeing a counsellor tomorrow and he's seeing one next Weds so we plan to quit together the following w.end.

I've tried to give up several times in the past and, obviously, haven't succeeded.

The best attempt was several years ago (about 14!!) when I quit using the Alan Carr book and I still feel silly for starting again as that was relatively easy. When I tried using the book again, a few years ago, it had no effect on me whatsoever!!

I tried Zyban a few years ago and that was pretty good, but I doubt it can be used during pregnancy.

I've tried good old fashoined 'cold-turkey' several times and shudder to remember what a wreck I was as a result.

I've tried those nasty inhalers, but they were way too vile to continue with.

I've tried the gum and didn't like it and got panicked about chewing it too much and killing myself with nicotine overdosage.

I tried some lozengey thingies a few years back and they burnt my tongue.

I'm hoping they've developed NRT a bit better than the last time I tried it, but I'm also kind of worried that because I don't smoke much (less than 10 rollies per day) they'll say 'You don't need NRT, you just need to buck your ideas up!!'

One good thing is that I'm not worried about putting on weight!! Normally that would be a consideration, but as I've only put on about 8lbs in nearly 25 weeks, it wouldn't be a bad thing if I started putting on more!

So anyhoo. Just thought I'd share my abject panic and fear...
Firstly, well done for taking the first step Skidoo, I know only too well how hard the decision is to make.

If you check my post below yours, you will see that I have done cold turkey, and it has worked for me. I basically changed my whole way of thinking about the nasty weed, and I now am one of those annoying ex-smokers who turn their nose up at the slightest smell!!! I know you have said that Allan Carr's book didn't work for you last time, but I have bought it for extra help, and I have found it a lifesaver. I found out that I had taken all of his advice before I had even read the book! I was giving up exactly the same way that he did. So by then reading it, I was affirming what I already knew - I was stronger than the cigarettes!

Good luck with the counsellor tomorrow. I'll be thinking about you. xx
Good Luck Skidoo, I'll be thinking about you. You are certainly taking a step in the right direction which can only be a good thing. Hope it all goes well for you xxx
good luck Skidoo!

you can do it!
Thanks for your encouragement!!

I'm off to the mtg now - late of course....
Hi Tankett -

It went okay, but I was a bit put out that when I said my motivation for quitting was my baby girl, the cessation lady said, 'yes, but what motivation is there for you personally?' I mean, if I'd been motivated to quit before I probably would have done it and I thought quitting for the baby was pretty good motivation!!

Never mind. She's given me a letter to take to my dr to get a perscription for NRT - I'll probably use gum - and we're planning to quit next Saturday as it's a weekend without the kids, so less stress. Been talking about nice things to do to celebrate - like going to a nice non-smoking cafe for breakfast on Sunday.


- Skidoo
Hi Skidoo

Just to let you know you will have all the enouragement you need on here - I stopped 2 months ago - I tried in the past to stop many times - I too used Zyban, Allen Carr etc etc - sounds a bit drastic but I ended up going to an adictions counsellor - who with the help of Niquitn Lozenges /and a bit of Allen Carr's method I have amazingly managed to stay stopped.

Its good that your other half is doing it with you (mine has too) and it really made a difference I found.

If your haveing a bad 'moment' just log on here and leave a message - it really helps - everyone here is great, and knows exactly what you are going through.

Just stay postive and be strong - YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L x
Hi skidoo well done for going :) my midwife recomended I went to 'giving up' talks etc but I couldnt face them thinking that they would all be looking at me funny with my bump :roll: I've now been given up for a week. If I can do it somehow - you can too hunnie. Sending lots of will power :) and I think you're baby girl is very much a good enough reason to quit - it's my reason.
I have to say that so far it's been horrid. I cried when I got up and couldn't find the nrt gum, cried in the shower, and have spent the rest of the time feeling murderous and/or weepy. I should get something to eat, but then I'd have to stop chewing the evil gum. Is this really better for me or baby than smoking half a dozen roll-ups a day?
My OH had some gum from a time he'd tried to quit before, so I've been using that. I'd taken a perscription for nrt to my doctor on Weds eve and - guess what - when I went in today they'd lost it.
It is better for you hun honestly - just think or all the nasty chemicals that roll-ups have in them. It may not bother you too much as a gown woman old enough to make up her own mind what to do with her body - but for your baby - who is helpless - it's best for them.

The thought of premature labour and my baby being very very ill was enough to stop me.

Keep strong hunnie and keep at it. The first few days are the hardest, then after that, as long as you don't say 'just the one' you should be fine.

I know you can keep it up girl - I have every faith in you :D
I have to agree with Sami. The first days are the worst. I am now a whole month withouth smoking, and feel so much better for it. I've not started eating more, have not put on any weight, and no longer have that horrid smokers cough. Both the guys in my office smoke, and they have just been for a break, and the room now stinks!! It's awful and I want to say something but can't because I used to smell like that. We went round my mums for Sunday dinner yesterday and popped into the local for a drink before we went. I walked in the door and couldn't help turning my nose up at the smell! How things can change so quickly.

Keep at it Skidoo - you can do it hun.

I think us ex-smokers smell it worse than non-smokers do. Which is a good thing really - keeps us away from it. Best thing I have ever done giving up.
I didn't have a smokers cough and the smell of roll-ups doesn't linger on clothes the way that cigarette smell does 'cos rolling tobacco doesn't have all the crap in it to keep it alight that cigarettes do. I did have a way of coping with the intolerable stress I'm under.

I've just discovered that if I don't bunk off work tomorrow afternoon - and skip a meeting I'm supposed to be minuting - we risk losing the flat we are trying to buy. Which means I will go insane. Truly. I love my OH and his kids, but I can't bear living on top of each other like we do. And then adding our baby into the equation. There's nowhere for us to put a cot even. We might lose the flat anyway.

It's not like smoking makes it any better, it just means I can handle it without screaming and/or weeping and/or destroying everything in arms reach.
I smoked roll-ups and OH still does - and they honk still - I won't go near him for ages after he's had one - not as much as fags I agree, but they still do - sorry.

I hope you do get this flat - it sounds like you are under a lot of pressure at the moment and maybe it isn't the best time for you to quit? How long has it been since you had one? I hope you can keep it up, but just remember, even if you do have a little relapse and then try to quit again after all this tress has calmed down, every fag you don't smoke is an extra 5 minutes your baby isn't being starved of oxygen.

I appreciate your support Sami I really do.

But although she's not starved of oxygen for 5 minutes for every cigarette I dont' smoke, she is now swimming in a sea of bad hormones caused by my deep stress. Seriously - I really want to kill things. I have become a total klutz and can barely type straight I'm soo angry about everything. and when i stop being angry i start crying. this is crap.
I'm sorry Skidoo my message came accross a bit ...well....blunt and maybe rude?

I know how crap stress can make you feel - god only knows I have so much shit going on right now just trying to keep my mind away from all the bad stuff that could happen and trying to not go into labour (if thats possible) and I worry how it's all effecting him in there.

So I really really do sympathise with you there. If you're not feeling ready to give up sweetheart, don't force yourself as it will only make the stress worse. Try again when things are settled. Don't feel guilty. At the end of the day you are doing it for you AND baby - and your sanity is very important to this baby!!!

Sorry again for the way I came across before - I'm not really a b*tch - I promise.
If you need some support or just someones ear to bend, gimme a shout xxx
No, you didn't come across as a b*tch. I'm just going through the sodding wringer at the moment and it would take too long to explain all the ways.

Just sent a long msg to Kayl1986; sort of distraction to worry about someone else. Poor girl.
I know poor girl - I know my head would be in a total mess if that happened to me. I just hope she sorts it all out soon.

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