Screening for preterm delivery

Discussion in 'Second Trimester' started by Eveadel, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Eveadel

    Eveadel Well-Known Member

    Apr 14, 2005
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    Im not a very happy bunny at the mo.

    I was due to have my follow up scan last night (10 days after the 1st one), well by the time we got to the hospital as my DH was late picking me up the doctor had gone home.

    I now have to wait until Thursday to find out whether my cervix has remained the same or has shorted.

    The scans should be performed between 21 & 24 weeks

  2. Manda

    Manda Well-Known Member

    Apr 25, 2005
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    Dont worry too much i had scans every 2 weeks from 20 weeks and although my cervix was shortening i still carried to 35 weeks my cervix was between 1cm and 1.5cm kept changing all the time.


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