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Mar 15, 2006
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was just wondering if anyone else had had this yet? iv been told its an ongoing research project to look at the risks of premature labour and babies that are small for dates. i received my appointment for it this morning and all i know about it is that its an internal scan :?

I had a san at 23 weeks but it was just the normal one. Did your M/W discuss it with you beforehand, they should ask you first surely if you don't mind being part of research esp. as its an internal.

yer she did but she said that it would be an external scan aswell (she suggested it as when i went for my 20 week scan the baby had its legs crossed so i couldnt find out its sex) but with the information leaflte that came with the appointment it only mentions the internal scan and tbh if they aint going to do the external scan i would rather not have it done :?
I've got the normal 20 week scan, then another two at 28 and 36 weeks. They are both because I have agreed to participate in a study to see the effects of caffeine on babys weight. It was completely voluntary though. I would try and get some more info from your midwife if I was you.
yer im definatly going to speak to my midwife again

the information leaflet that came with the appointment says
Extensive research in the last few years has helped us to identify certain groups of women who are likely to deliver before 34 weeks. The length of the neck of the womb (the cervix) is particularly important in determining whether you are at risk of going into labour very early.
Professor Kypros Nicolades and his team at the Harris Birthright Research Centre in Kings College Hospital and Southend Hospital offer the oppourtunity to have the length of your cervix measured between 21 and 24 weeks to assess your risk of preterm delivery.
A doctor will do a gentle vaginal (internal) scan to measure the length of the cervix. The scan will only take a few minutes and is not painful. Please ensure you have an empty bladder before the scan.

and thats pretty much it
I had an internal scan at 9 wks and that was fine... it sounds dangerous or worring but (please excuse the crudeness) it looks like a thin dildo! about 1/2 inch in gurth and it only goes in a tiny way! and def does not go passed the cervix

dont know if they could tell the sex from this know only if the baby was lying with its legs down!

Keely xxxxx
im rather worried about it now tbh as i said i only agreed to do it as she said they would do a normal ultrasound too and i only want to know the sex of the baby coz im far too impatient to wait :lol: think i may ring the hospital n ask them about it and if they aint then i wont do it n will have to look into having a scan done privatly
If I was you, i'd give the hospital one a miss and start saving for the 4d scanning. :lol:

You have an excuse to have 4D done now as you dont know the sex... get on the DH's case!! hehe :wink:

i have been since i had the scan done :lol: his answer so far has just been a big NO :lol: even though he wants to find out what it is too :lol: look slike il have to keep on and if i dont get my own way il just have to wait :( :lol:

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