Sami R U Ok?


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May 27, 2005
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Hi Sami, was thinking about you this morning, you or OH let us know that you are ok.

Take care bud.

Karrina xxxx
Hmmm, i have only just read her bit in the "infection loose your mucus plug" section.
If she was having pains every 5 mins and they had been happening all day then she must be in labour or had it by now.....

Mind you she has had a false alarm before.... ooooooh fingers crossed for her no matter what the out come

Good luck Sami!!!!

have i missed something?? only just catching up with posts. hope sami is ok, she's not had the easiest of pregnancies has she.
Petchy Sami was having pains/contractions and more shows I think. She was in pain and was going to the hospital yesterday, or the day before, and no one has heard from her. We are concerned :cry:
I Know Ragna is friendly with Sami,

I wonder if she knows anything?
I spoke to her on msn last night at about 9ish, she was just leaving for the hospital then.

Fingers crossed Sami
So did they definately think she was in labour then?

OOOh how exciting.

I hope Sami is alright maybe everything is happening now! Sami if you read this ... we are all thinking of you and wishing you the best.

Luv, Tineke
Crikey - I'm worried about her now too.
Hope you're OK Sami.
Thinking of you,
Lucy xxx
I haven't been on since saturday lunchtime and seem to have missed all this.


Have now joined the 'worried club'
there really should b some sort of text system on here where we can all keep in touch offfline aswell........its all very nerve wracking!
Good luck Sami, im sure u, mark n babs will b just fine
i totally agree.

unless Mark comes on line we will worry until we hear from Sami. i know i should of got a number. i will try and get in touch with ragna via this website.

i have emailed sami on behalf of us all to let her know we are all thinking about her and hope she, OH and baby are ok. i am sure i have all of you girls behind me in this too!
definitely petchy

i have emailed ragna as well incase she has a telephone number as i know that sami had her mobile number.

I have emailed Sami too but just today as I didn't see that she hadn't been on.

I will be away in hospital for the next 24 hours but will check back online as soon as I can and let you know if Sami gets in touch.

I emailed her too, to let her know we are all thinking about her and are very concerned.

I sincerely hope everything is okay. Did anyone manage to get intouch with Ragna to see if she knows anything? I don't want to hassle Ragna just now as she has just had Aiden and will need all the rest she can get xxxx
i sent ragna a pm and an email but heard nothing back as yet. i will keep you informed.

I am getting really nervous about Sami now.

No one seems to have an incling about where she is, well we know she is in hospital!!!

Mind you she is not going to be texting from hospital, but i just hope eveything has gone ok!!!!!

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