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where is sami?


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May 19, 2005
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Hi guys

not sure if this is the right place to put this post so sorry if its not.

I was just wondering where Sami was, i havent seen her online or post for a while.

Has anyone heard from her, is she ok?
Wasn't she moving house last week? - perhaps she hasn't set up her internet yet! I hope everything is ok.

I am here! LOL - awwww you guys are so sweet. Did you miss me that much :)

I have been decorating my new house - got the keys Thursday so it has been a bit mad. Been decorating (as much as I can anyway) and sorting all the bumph out that goes with getting a new place. It's so exciting!

Baby is fine - got my next scan in 3 weeks :D Feel baby moving all the time - pretty wierd feeling sometimes though when your sat eating your dnner and there is this little thing kicking ya and putting you off ya food as your too engrossed in it's movements! :roll: :lol:

Got a tummy bug or something too which is why I wasn't on much Wednesday or Thursday - was sick and had a bad tummy (without TMI - you can guess). Didn't know whether to sit on the toilet or stick my head down it :roll: Pulled all the muscles in my chest and stomach too from being sick - not a good feeling.

But I'm all better now!! And back as often as I can be. New house doesn't have internet (as we cant afford it yet) so I'll be on as often as i come to MIL's house.

Missed you all lots!! xxx

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