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Rings for Men?


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Nov 8, 2007
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Okay, Random I know, but in January i will have been with my OH two years (I met him on New Years Eve) and its also his birthday in January, we are Enganged and he's always said if i got him a ring he'd wear it with pride and wouldnt mind a ring before we actually got married....

Now im wondering what i should look for? I mean when you get married, its a wedding ring but i dont want to look at them, so what? Id like to surpise him but would be pretty hard as dont know his ring size.....

Anyone give me any tips or any adivce where to have a nosey, what i should look for???

Randomness i know! :lol:
This is the ring I bought when I proposed to my ex-fiance..


I bought it off www.dotjewellery.com . They are nice and not too expensive. I got his brother and mom to try his finger on a ring sizer when they had plyed him with booze for him not to realise what they were doing - altho if you use this tactic make sure they use the right finger :roll: I had to get it resized :rotfl:
I'll go have a nosey at that website! Thankies!

Wish i could get it done while he was drunk but neither me or my OH drink, i might just take him in a jewllers to look, see what he likes and find out his size then just not speak about it again, he's used to me doing random things so he might just think im having one of me funny do's! :lol:
I got my oh titanium ring with a diamond in a few years back which he wears on his wedding finger and i am going to get him a tribal titanium one for his middle finger from the lo for christmas.

Titanium ones are good because they are really hard wearing and it is light as well, the only thing is you cant get them engraved.
i proposed too so had got dh a ring , it was a two colour band , not unsimialr to what he knows has a a wedding band but it didnt matter to him , he loves both even if the engagement doesnt get work alot ( his only allowed 1 ring on for work )

i too proposed on new years eve , we were both very ill with man flu :rotfl: so in scruffy clothes etc but at midnight we went outside the front on the house to watch some fireworks that were going off , and i asked him then !

he later proposed to me on hol in barcelona which is when we set the date :cheer:

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