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restless legs

Gem & Leland

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Nov 7, 2006
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please say someone has found somethng that works and we can use or take durring preggy ?

was up every hour last night , i now feel like shite and the thought of driving / work is well scarey , im so dam tired
poor you hun, mine s not very bad so can sleep ok :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
Hey Gem,

Jeeez you have had a rough time of it. I hope it dwindles away in the next ten days and you can be in maternity leave bliss!!! :D

:hug: :hug:
Can't help not one of the symptoms I have had :hug:
if you've got someone around at the time, get them to play with your feet. my aunt was v poorly in hospital and had this very badly - i loathe feet ( :puke: :puke: :puke: ) but massaging them and wiggling her toes were the only things that gave her any relief from it.

I have been getting this too and it's horrible :x
Do you have swollen feet and legs too?
The best things I've found are reflexology, going for a walk round garden (even at 3am), massaging legs with cold shower on full blast- drying feet is a bit hard now!
I'll be watching this post to see what others suggest too.
Good luck X :hug:
fothers said:
Can't help not one of the symptoms I have had :hug:

Lisa :hug: I just read your ticker and measured out how big 19 inches tall is :shock: !!!! You must be mahooosive!!! Hope you are well and just wanted to give you a :hug:
I get this! Especially when I'm trying to rest in the evenings. It's almost like someone's filled your legs with fleas....not itchy just really irritating. Unfortunately I've not found a solution to it yet.....I wonder though if it's got something to do with baby's position? Perhaps it's on some kind of nerve or something.

Anyway I can sympathise with you completely......just think though, not too long to go unitl you get your body back!
i got it pre pregnancy but use to use muscle rub etc and dont think we can ?

sometimes i ;ay on the hard floor and it helps but due to the trapped nerve ive got that was mega painfull lol

it even drove hubby made last night , i slept on the sofa for a bit but was so uncomfy , not that it helped being in bed ,

the iea of walking round the garden at 3 am is NOT appealing lol i live in london and its like -3 at night at mo too !

ight try cold shower tongiht tho :pray:

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