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REALLY annoyed with GP


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Oct 1, 2007
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My GP informed me today that with regards to me becoming pregnant again, if things go wrong, I won't get an investigation into why I've had 3 losses under the whole 3 and then investigation rule as the ectopic "doesn't count".

That sums it up. I'm so pissed off!!! The way he was saying it was like it doesn't matter!! Rant over. Sorry ladies.

Oh My God, there you are being all supportive to me when you have had a hell of a day with a d**k of a Doctor, rant away lady - you deserve it!!
Thats really bad i can totally understand why you are feeling so mad hun, please rant on here as much as you want ok.

PM me anytime if you need to talk :hug: :hug:

How dare the stupid git talk to you like that!!!
I agree with Mrs_T, complain.

Can you see another doctor?

Hi there

I am so sorry to hear that I think I will be in a similar situation to yourself, I have had three losses this year m/c ectopic m/c so i dare say when I go back and see my consultant in January I will get the same flannel if i don't then I will let you know appointment Jan 7th so hope to give you some hope!

Take care
mibiuk x
My friend has had an ectopic then had a further 2 MC after that and Her doctor made sure that she and her partner had all the tests, because she was still so young. I'm sure you should go and see a new doctor.

And now my friend is 14 weeks pregnant and all is well.
thanks for all your support girls... I'm not sure about complaining... techincally an ectopic isn't a miscarriage. I was told by my consultant and registrar at the hospital that next time I'm pregnant I will be given a very early scan to check all is in the right place (my m/c was "suspected" ectopic, it was never ruled out but if it was it resolved itself)

In fact the registrar who is the most lovely doctor I've ever met told me to call her at the hospital when i become pregnant again if my GP won't give me a scan date and she'll sort me out. lol.

it just annoyed me his attitude - he seems like a bit of a tosser anyway to be fair (excuse language). It's just when ttc again, cos I'm so worried about what could potentially happen, it's hard not to think of what if it all goes wrong again? and then be told they wouldn't do anything..

I guess solution is don't go and see that GP!


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