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Pushchair help needed

ooooh i like both of those but im leanin more to the 4wheeler for more stability? :think: but the other ones nice colours lol :lol:
personally i like the 3 wheeler more from kiddicare, very much like the mothercare one :) Imagine how much stuff u an get in that basket! and how snug ur boys wud be in them cosytoes :D
Hi Urchin

A friend of mine had one of those Hauk ones for a newborn and a toddler and she said that it tended to tip to one side when she was getting it up bumps and stuff!

She has the urban detour now and she loves it!

The 2nd link tnat you posted it very much like the urban detour and the colours are much nicer than the one they have in mothercare at the minute
Hi urchin,

not sure if ur still looking for a double buggy or not but i found this on ebay


Looks in good condition, and its a great price :D

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