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premium bonds


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May 23, 2006
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has any one got any are they worth it lillie just got 200 pound from my dad for xmas plus 4 presents lucky girl. i was thinking of putting 100 into her account and 100 to bonds they sound good to me x :think:
I don't really know. About 5 years ago I put £10 in a premium bond and it just sits there on the off chance you win a monthly prize. To be honest, you would be better finding a high interest savings account.

I wouldn't even know how to retreive it now :shock:
You could put it into an ISA instead, or start a trust fund for her to be released when shes 16/18/21 etc which you can put things like birthday and xmas money into :)

Premium bonds are ok but its more or less a lottery so your not guaranteed to get anything back :)
Dan's got £1200 worth, as gifts............the lil bugger is richer than me!!
I like the fact you can cash them in whenever you want and obviously you have a chance to win money. Saying that though my mums OH has £20k in them for about 10 years and has only won the odd £100 here and there.
there good if u dont want to dip into it but can cash them in quickly , mil had quite a good win from them too
alana has 1k and has won about £100 back so far.... my dads got 20k and wins about 50 every month,

the more u buy the more chance u got to win, but theres always the chance of winning the million :cheer: also good u can get the cash back quick without penalties
thanks ladies im def gona get them now i have heard all good stuff might even treat my self to 100 worth thats the least u can buy x
We've got £100 of premium bonds, haven't won anything yet but at least we haven't lost anything!

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