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Jan 22, 2013
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Sorry it's taken ages to write my birth story but it's crazy being a mum!
My waters broke suddenly on the 19th Thursday at 2am, started as a small really warm trickle which felt really strange lol so I threw myself out of bed and ran to the loo with my hand catching as much as I could and then loads came out! I said to my husband I think my waters have just gone or if they haven't I've pissed myself! To me it smelt a lot like man juice ha ha
Phoned the bleep number and they said to try and get rest and if nothing has happened naturally 24 hours from my waters going I was booked in to being induced.
Could I sleep?? NO!!! My husband couldn't sleep because he was really excited and I couldn't sleep because I was really nervous thinking "Oh my God this is it I'm really having this baby!"
I finally fell asleep at about 6:30am for about 2 hours and was woken up by my first contraction which felt like a really strong period pain!
I had a routine midwife appointment at 10 am so I waited until then to see what she had to say.
During this time I just kept on having really erratic contractions but I carried on doing bits and pieces, checking my hospital bag etc.
Got t my midwife appointment and she just wanted to check my pad to see if my waters had actually gone and she said "Oh yes plenty of fluid! They have definitely gone!"
The amount that came out still really surprises me, just like a constant trickle and every now and then a huge gush! I must have gone through 20 maternity pads from my waters going till birth.

Carried on through the day with my contractions slowly getting more painful but still were very erratic, my husband kept writing down the times and they were every 2-5-10-18-5-25-1-16 completely random and they stayed like that the whole way through my labour, they never got that close together until I was actually pushing her out!

Got on my ball at about 3pm and that really helped, even managed to go to the shops to stock up of high energy food and drinks for the big event.
By about 5pm I had to get in the bath to try and ease the pain which did help a lot, by 6:30pm I was starting to get quite upset by the randomness of my contractions and starting thinking my body was just messing around!

I had told my husband to go make some dinner so he wouldn't be hungry later on but half way through cooking his dinner I told him that we had to ring the midwife led unit and tell them I wanted to come in, she asked to speak to me but by this point I was crying so I was passed the phone and she said "Are you crying because it hurts?!"
By far the most stupid question lol
They said I could come in which was lucky because they are only open from 8am - 8pm unless someone is in labour which there wasn't, so we got there just in time for them to admit me.
I was so scared I was physically shaking like I was cold but I wasn't I was just really really scared.
I got on the ball there and bounced away and was examined at 9pm, I was so worried she would say I wasn't in labour lol but she said I was in active labour 4-5 cm and she said she would examine me again at 1am.
I started getting upset saying I couldn't do it and I can't wait another 4 hours lol but obviously I did, it's not like you have a choice. At about 11:30pm I asked if I could get into the birthing pool which I did and it was really really amazing and relaxing, they dimmed the lights and everything which really helped. My husband was leaning over the side holding my hand and talking me through my breathing.
At about 12:30am I asked for gas and air which I was scared to try in case it made me sick but it didn't.
I got out at 1am to be examined again and oh my god the feeling of heaviness that I felt was awful! It was so painful and uncomfortable! The steps to get in and out of the pool are really quite high so it was really hard to get out but once I was out and examined again she said I was 7-8 cm's, but I wanted her to say it would be over now ha ha at this point I said I wanted to go home and asked for pethadine which I'm glad my husband and midwife talked me out of.
So reluctantly and with difficulty I got back into the pool and they topped it right up with loads of really hot water which really felt amazing, just to feel weighless again really helped me deal with the pain.
She asked me to feel for the head so I put my fingers up and couldn't feel anything I was so gutted!!
The next 3 hours and 35 minutes felt like 3 weeks and 35 minutes, I was there but I wasn't... you almost just give into the pain and even though you are there and doing it your mind is somewhere else, it was almost for me like an out of body experience which at that time is what you need lol.

My midwife communicated a lot with my husband so he knew more of what was going on than me which was a good thing I think, she never gave a time limit or so many more contractions and it would be over she just let me get on with it.
I called mother nature a bitch and apparently really roughly grabbed my midwife by the arm and said "I cannot fucking do this" to which she replied "i'll just pack your bag then and you can go home" (I don't remember this)

She asked me to feel again and this time I did I felt the head right there! It made me feel so amazing that I was really doing this and the end was really in sight! It's strange how you can actually feel the head coming down but I found it felt really amazing to push, it felt like you were actually doing something so you gained a bit of the control back.
Eventually the head crowned but I didn't feel the "ring of fire" like most mum's report, it definitely helped soften things up being in the pool.
Finally the head was out, which just felt like you had passed the biggest shit in the world!
My back was agony but I knew she was going to say with the next contraction push but I didn't wait, I gave the hardest push ever and out popped my baby, she swam her back under the water and I scooped her up!
I was the most amazing thing I have ever done, you can't explain it until you've done it. I asked if it was a boy or a girl and she said "you look" and I did and there was her little lady bits!!!

My husband cut the cord, I got out of the pool and on the bed and had her laid on my chest, after putting her to the breast she was given to my husband and I was taken next door to be examined.
(The only people in this unit were me and my husband, the two midwives who delivered my baby and one midwife who was on duty, so it felt like the whole place was just for us)
I managed a 2nd degree tear on the inside but other than that everything was fine.

My recovery afterwards was a lot harder and shocking than I thought it would be but I don't like going on about it too much but just felt really ill and had mastitus and baby blues but it soon passed after about a week.
And that's my birth story.
Poppy Elizabeth born 20/09/13 weighing 7lb 14 oz

I was in active labour for a total of 9 hours and 35minutes.
Would I do it again?
Ask me again in a few months time, but every week that goes by the less I remember about the pain etc lol
Thanks for reading xxx
Awww congratulations hun!!!! beautiful name too! :pink:
Congratulations and well done you! X
That sounds so amazing. Bought a tear to my eye. And I don't do crying...

Congratulations xx
Aww thanks for everyone's lovely messages, it's amazing x x
Congrats! You did amazingly :) and now out little ones are a month already!!!!!
This made me a little bit emotional! Wonderful story. Congratulations xx
Congrats! You did amazingly :) and now out little ones are a month already!!!!!

I know how scary is it how fast the time goes!! Funny that it never goes that quick when your pregnant and want it to be over ha ha xx
Great story, makes me really pray I can use the pool!
I’ve just searched through endless pages to find this! My daughter is 9 this year!! Time has really flown!!

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