Pains 'up-there'

Hi girls - another question but does anyone else get these pains? They feel like sharp pains at the top of my vagina on the inside. It's not near the bone and nothing I've ever felt with my SPD before - a little confused. :?
Is it normal?
hi sami,

yes i think its normal, i get them, its just pressure and ligiment pains, they can be very sharpe

dont worry so much, you will give yourself wrinkles! lol

Hi Sami!

I had them too, it seems to have calmed down now but used to have them for a couple of weeks.
Yes I had those last week but they've subsided now - hurray!
i had those pains quite a bit, it felt as if baby was kicking my cervix, strange feeling!!
hell i know u aint gonna want to read my post or take my advice... but i had these pains soo much and especially when i was sitting down.... i was advised by my dr and MW that its just baby either knocking or kicking a nerve.. and its the sensation of the nerves being hit that sends the sharp feeling.

when baby runs out of room the pain stops

sorry if this post is too blunt or if i have knocked any ones confidence.,.. just offering advice from personal experience

love elaine
cheers for the replies girls - sorry havent been here for a week so i'm replying a tad late.

I'm sure it is baby kicking too now as I can feel it - which is the oddest sensation :?

Thanks xx

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