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Oven cleaning question


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Mar 22, 2007
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Ok guys im at a loss my oven the last week just keeps smoking - I have been cleaning it and have tried few products that I have left in over night and its still bloomin smoking! Help! Its smoking my kitchen out and setting my bloody smoke alarm off! :x

Any domestic goddesses out there?
ours used to do this because of the grill in the oven bit when we were cooking the fat used to spray up into the grill
we tried our best to clean the grill but unless yours can come out i dont think youll get it to stop completly
manda xx
Other than what manda said bout the fat burning up, the only other thing i can think of is that its the products you have been using is making it smoke. Because after i clean the hob/oven it smokes slightly.
Sorry not at all useful am i
use a steam cleaner to melt the fat off the grill so it drips onto bottom them its easier to clean off.

failing that....

call in an oven cleaner twice a year, they normally about £40 and take the whole oven apart and put it into very strong solution in the back of their vans and they leave is looking new again!!!

im never cleaning my oven again!!!! i hate doing it and keep putting it off.
I keep putting off cleaning mine :shhh:

I dropped a yorkshre pudding on the gas flame last week and started panicing!. OH had to get it out with the bbq tongues :lol:
Iv just saturated it with oven cleaner and failing that il pay someone else to clean the damn thing
I use coke and leave it on overnight (the drinking kind!)
leckershell said:
you're meant to clean your oven out? gross :talkhand:

:oops: :D

Thats exactly what i was thinking, good job the oh does that kind of stuff :lol:

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