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    i am moving in to a new house at the end of july and my baby is due in september so now i have measurements of the babies room in the new house i am starting to think of decoration as i dont know the sex of my baby i was a neutral theme and i am thinking teddie bears but i dont want stickers and cant find stensils from anywhere does anybody have any ideas.
    thanks sarah and bubba
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    Jun 13, 2005
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    Hi, i don't know if its any help but my hubby and i have decided on doing cream and teddies in brown, we have seen teddie stensils in B&Q. Hope that is helpful to you :)
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    ohrite that is great thanks and that is exactly what i am doing lol
  4. bobtheunfortunateone

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    Jun 2, 2005
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    I love bright but soft colours, and things for the baby to focus on, bright prictures if going for soft creams also a mobile above the chaging matt so they have something to focus on, when changing them!

    Our room is still cream, with a cream carpet, might just ad a few bright pictures, but love dido rails and shelfs at the moment, just waiting to see if it is blue or pink! Soft yellow is quite popular in the magazines at the moment too! We have animals on the blackout blinds, so might go a bit animal themed! seen some animal stickers in large yellow squares the didn't look to bad! oh oh oh have you seen the scratch and sniff paint? Brown smells like Chocolate, red strawberrys, yellow banana, they are soo cool only small pots for little artworks! Only problem is the kid will be a wall licker!!!!!

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