No weight gain in 6 weeks


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May 13, 2005
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I am 28 weeks and 1 day and went to the doctors today. I was away in England for 4 weeks during this time and really did a lot of walking and probably worrying too much.

I am hoping it is the above as I just haven't put any weight on at all despite obviously getting a lot bigger in this time. Could I have lost the weight from somewhere else? The doctor wasn't worried but it is hard not to worry when you should be gaining a pound a week.

Heard the hearbeat today, that was fine and the tummy measurement was how it should be, 28cm.

I am worrying for nothing?
Hi there babsi
My weight gain was very little and between 24 and 28 weeks, I only gained 1 lb. Sadly it all changed - for some reason, I'm piling on the weight now - diet still the same - don't know where it's all coming from!
Don't worry - your baby sounds just the right size and heartbeat nice and healthy.
Emilia xx :D
Thanks Emilia, that is reassuring to know someone else had the same thing and are fine now. And I actually couldn't find anything much on this searching on google so that in itself is a positive as well.

I hope everything goes well for you.
:D ..... perhaps a cuppa tea and a extra large mars bar might just be a good idea tonight!!!!!
You're not far behind me - keep in touch and let me know how you get on!
Emilia xx
Hi Emilia

I just wanted to say that I have never gained any weight with any of my pregnancies as a matter of fact I always lost weight including this one and they have all been healthy!!! So I would try not to worry to much!!

xoxo Ree
Yip - I don't think we need to worry too much - less to come off after the birth! My one friend here gained 29 kgs. That's about 60lbs........ shockerooney!!!!!!!! :shock:
Emilia xx

I've never gained much weight in any of my pregnancies - bump grows but I lose it everywhere else. So far I've gained 3lbs this time, but with all previous pregnancies I've only gained about 7lbs by the end. I tend to start the pregnancy at size 18 and go home from hospital in size 14, and then put it all on again :( .

As long as you're feeling healthy and bump is growing as it should be, I wouldn't worry about it.

Tracy xx

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