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No more kicking?


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Jul 16, 2007
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Is it just me or has anyone else experienced this?

Baby doesnt seem to "kick" so much anymore, its more like squiggling & vibrating (does that make any sence?) I had my midwife appointment yesturday and told her my concern and she said it was perfectly normal, im assuming its because baby doesnt have as much room anymore?

At times I will see my WHOLE belly move but its not accompanied by a kick, just a squiggle/squirming.
yeah thats perfectly normal
if you think your curled up in a big bag, its gonna be quite difficult to give a good kick isnt it??
mine does the same, sometimes its like an earthquake going off in my tummy :lol:
Yeah, I have been reading about this as was worried about lack of kicks. I feel very small ones now and then but most of the time it's bigger movements now which make me go "ooooooooooooh" lol
Wish I had this... Most of the time little miss just wriggles (a lot :roll:) but then she had a mad rush and will eject one of her feet out the side of my belly or up into my lung with the force of a small tactical nuclear strike. :x It weely weely hurts :cry:
boys the same , but i get huge movements now that feel even weirder then kicks !
I think my baby is getting quite big - when the baby moves now it can really be quite painfull depending on which way she/he is lying
same here - the boy is head down so i thought that could be an issue
Just your baby running out of room. As long as you feel some movements each day, even small ones it's fine.
Yup, mine is head down, so I get the odd flutter in my pelvis (Hand?) and the odd kick in my ribs, but the weirdest happened the other night..I grabbed her leg and actually moved it :shock: I assume it was her leg cause it was under my ribs.. :think: I can never make it out..
Ive never really had kicks so to speak, just lots of gentle movements. unless he kicks me when im asleep :think:
ive never had kicks either, dont know if i ever will now! i get squirms vibrations wiggles and taps but thats it :?
yup. loads of those type of movements... as long as she's moving thats all that matters...
Mine has started doing the same. I just assumed that she was changing position because I'm in my last few weeks and I would agree theres less room in there... it is funny my belly will suddenly move, I can't stop thinking about the film Alien! :twisted:
mine just wriggles too,

sometimes i can feel Bean move from onside to the other but no real kicks just like stretching, my tummy moves around alot...

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