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New to this! Very confused! x


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Jan 6, 2008
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I am just trying to make sense of everything that is going on! Am very confused and stressed! and the not knowing is driving me nuts and I am driving my partner mad too! I have been trying to conceive since having my merina coil removed in October! (I did not have periods with it!) I had had this for 2 years after a stillbirth. I had my first 'post merina' period on Nov 10th - which lasted 5 days and as far as I can remembeer from pre pregenancy and merina this is was normal! I then came on again 9 days aferwards on Nov 21 again for 5 days but very light with no period symptoms. I then didnt come on again until Thursday (3rd) so was 8 days late. Since the second period I have been experiencing almost constant head ache, nausea (everyday), Sickness (pretty much everyday) Peeing every 5 minutes constantly, Sore boobs at times although not continuous, Loss of memory - brain like a seive, Bloatedness for the first 3 weeks continuous though not now, but for the first 3 weeks couldnt stop eating! but then have had a throat infrection for the last week n a half! Taste in my mouth like sucking a tea spoon and being able to smell everything and it making me nausevous! I was extremely tired for first 3 weeks but now have insomnia! I had 3 neative pregnancy tests in weeks after second period and hae had another on wednesday (2nd)! I dont know what to think! The not knowing is driving me mad! I dont know if I am just having a phantom pregnancy and am thinking myself pregnant? Or whether I'm pregnant!? Was convinced I was until Thursday when I came on and then I just cryed all day! Please someone help before I drive myself insane! x x x
:wave: Hi, I don't know much about the merina coil (if any thing) but did not want to read and run.

The symptoms sounded very promising(SP?) and sorry that the witch turned up. It is very easy to drive yourself and OH mad when TTC but you will find LOTS of support (SP?) on here.

Maybe go and have a word with your doctor about it to put your mind at rest. Sorry I was not much help. :hug:

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