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Discussion in 'Coping with Miscarriage & Loss' started by Ricki, May 3, 2005.

  1. Ricki

    Ricki New Member

    May 3, 2005
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    A Big Hello To All,
    I'm Ricki from Perth in Western Australia, married 32 year old. We are expecting our first child on November 25th. I'm extremely nervous (only 10 weeks) as I've experienced a blighted ovum, a miscarriage (11 weeks) & a stillborn baby boy(21 weeks). My emotions are all over the place. I have a 10 year old step-daughter who lives with us & is having a hard time understanding why her mum doesn't want her anymore & is behaving badly.
    I am truly delighted about being pregnant again, though slightly apprehensive about something going wrong & losing another child. I'm a new member & have enjoyed reading & relating to others stories.
  2. Louise

    Louise Active Member

    Feb 25, 2005
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    Hi Ricki,

    Congratulations on the pregnancy & sorry to hear about your previous losses.

    I miscarried 2 months ago (1st pregnancy, lost at 8weeks), so it's encouraging to hear from people who are successfully preggers again.

    Wishing you the best for a healthy, stress-free pregnancy and hope that your step daughter will blossom from lots of TLC from her new family.
  3. nellie

    nellie Member

    May 5, 2005
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    Hi Ricki I am glad i read your post. I am 32 also, just got married and am living with step daughter although she is a bit older than yours. I suffered a blighted ovum 2 months ago and tried again this month to no avail. Is nice to know someone else has been throught the same story and come out with a positive result. Thanks. Good Luck with everything. Nell
  4. dacocado

    dacocado Active Member

    Mar 26, 2005
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    Stay positive Ricki ... and you too ladies.
    Sorry for all your losses! I have been there ... I just typed a long post in the section "just a question" above ... PLEASE read that. If you have problems finding that, let me know, I'll input it again.

    As for hope .... never give up ... but do relax and let God bless you when the time is right. Stay strong Ricki ... stress is no good for you at this time. I hope your step daughter truly enjoys her new loving surroundings.
    Eat right, get rest and enjoy the miracle inside you. Let God guide you down the right path for you!

    To all others ... don't give up hope. Your time will come. Enjoy your partner and enjoy your life and you too will have a miracle. i am waiting for my miracle # 4 ... I know all is going to be alright ... I am happier than ever ..... scared at times, especially when I read about the stillborns or miscarriages in later months .... but I am Catholic and I have to stay positive that all will work out for the best. As should you all .... I am over 10 weeks ... and at my 7 and 9 week U/S we had strong heartbeats and all my labs were great. So I can only be postive!
    Take Care and many hugs to you all!

    ST 37y
    DT 37y
    married 11/21/92
    DRT boy 7/15/94
    CJT boy 8/26/97
    CET girl 11/23/99
    MC (D&C) 8 weeks 11/02
    blighted ovum (empty sac 6weeks and D&C 10weeks) 10/03
    Miracle#4 due 11/16/2005

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