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9 weeks is very young to go through the night hunny. luke doesn't go through the night now,(hes 9 months!) although he doesn't wake for milk, i think he was about 15 weeks or so when we stopped feeding him through the night.
My DD was a great sleeper and was sleeping through at 8-10 weeks, DS is a nightmare sleeper and up from one to four times a night. She'll do it when she's ready hon :hug: Just because some people are lucky that their babies are sleeping through doesn't mean they're doing something better than you or you're doing something wrong. Just keep being consistent and she'll get there :hug:
JT was like this until just 2 weeks ago... he now sleeps from 7 till 8:30

all I would say is persevere with your routine hun.. keep it going. Have you got a gro bag? i found this helped JT sleep cos he wasn't kicking his covers off or anything.

it might help when you get your cot mattress too. JT would hardly ever settle in moses basket and was in cot from 6 weeks.

good luck.. it wont be like this forever hun :hug:

Kiara never slept thorugh till she was over a year old.
Kadyn sleeps 5-8 hours at a time from 2 weeks ish but then at 3 months till a few weeks ago woke up tons through the night and is now back to sleeping hours babies go through stages and some sleep through before others
I did read that sleeping through for babies is only meant to be a 5 hour period. Hope she starts to sleep better for you soon
Maybe try setting up a bed time routine for Kiara it was really just as simple as brishing her teeth then redaing her a few books and she knows its bedtime

Sounds like she has her day and night mixed up. She needs to learn the difference between the two so try exaggerating day and night e.g. at night make it very dark and silent and in day have it bright and noisy. Try to stimulate her during the day to tire her out and around 7pm give her bath, feed and bed. When she wakes for next feed, give it to her in dim light and dont stimulate her. Put her straight back down to bed and only pick her up if she is distressed not if she's just whinging! :wink: We had this with Maddison and its exhausting isnt it?! :( Have you tried swaddling her at night? We did this up until a few days ago (she can wriggle out of it quite easily now :roll: )

Good luck babes :hug: :hug:
I used to put Arianna down at 11.30 each night and then each week or so move it back 30 min.... settled her in to a routine early and she has now been sleeping from 7.30pm til 8am for goodness knows how long now.
aww thats brilliant news hun, as for the dream feed question.. i didn't wake jt for a dream feed ever.. i thought if i did that how was he ever gonna go through the night as i wouldnt know when to stop waking him iykwim.. sure its not just a one off :hug: :hug: :hug:
Thats fab, so pleased for you. As for dream feed, if I dont give Maddison one at around 11pm then she tends to wake for it around 2 or 3am instead so I just give it to her then she sleeps til 6 or 7am :D
She has her moments :wink: She was very difficult in beginning but she's great now, best thing in the world :D :hug:
Well done jayla's mummy, I'm glad you got some sleep :hug:

I have never woken Lola up for a feed, If she misses a feed she normally just wakes up earlier :D

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