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My sicky baby.. again!


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Apr 16, 2007
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I had this prob with Iain when i changed his milk he was on sma gold n it made him constipated so i changed to aptimil n he was mega sick so i tried C&G Comfort which he was still sick with but not as bad but it made his pass blood in his stools which lead to alot of worry n hosp appointments :(

Anyway after a few mths we tried him with Farleys 1st milk (yellow tin) n he has been a totally different baby since. No sicky n all the blood in stools cleared up in days. so may be worth trying it.

Hope she gets better soon.
i never Iain was only on aptimil for 2 days max n i thot sod this getting covered in sick constantly! so that when i put him on the Comfort! Same with when i changed him to farleys i just switched there n then but if u want to wean her off just put few oz of each of the milk. I dnt know how much ur babe takes but say it was 5oz or wot ever just put 2 of the old milk n say 3 of the new stuff then nxt feed put 4 of nu n 1 of old then nxt feed new milk altogether. its up to you how u do it but i went for straight switch n he was fine.
if you just switched straight away and didnt do it gradual that may be why shes more upset now theyre tummies are so sensitive gradual weaning from one brand to another is much kinder on them the new milk may be a shock to the system from the old one but that doesnt mean once shes used to it she wont do fine on it.
its all trial n error hun, every babies different. but like i said ive done straight switch iain each time n he's been fine but do gradual if u feel it may be better. just put more of the new milk in n less of the old each feed if u understand that. til its just the nw stuff. in if she's still the same with new milk after few days go to doc n see if they can give u something for the reflux.

let us know how u go. in the mean time hers a :hug:
hope things go ok for you at the doctors today. i don't know how they can say reflux isn't anything to worry about, they should have at least made some attempt at helping you. argh.

hope they give you some better advice today chick x

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