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Rio & Mikeys Mummy x

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Dec 15, 2007
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Hi everyone, my name is Tracy I am mum of Rio who is five and Mikey who is three.

Me and my Hubby are not exactly desperate to concieve but both would like another so are just bd'ing and if it happens great, (Im secretly bd when i know im at my peak :shhh: :shhh: :shhh:

Anyway, im always symptom spotting and know how much everytime something new is happening you want to know if anyone else experienced what you have and got a BFP so here are my experiences with my two babie.

With Rio before I took my test I had the worst cramps a lot stronger than af pains so I was convinced the witch was on her way, it was my hubby that had to convince me to take a test this was a BFP. Oh the other thing was about 7 dpo I noticed a dry patch on my tummy I didnt think this was related however 4 weeks in to my pregnancy I was covered in them and they were so itchy, went the docs and he said it was pregnancy phsoriasis (god that spelling is redicuous). the itchyness cleared up after the first three months but the patches stayed until I delivered
Back to the cramps, the cramps lasted about 5 weeks and were that unbearable that I took myself to the hospital they said it was normal just everything stretching. With both of my pregnancys I never felt sick once.

With my second I only bd'd once that month on the 17th April exactly 14 in to my cycle . Second pregnancy, no cramps at all but this down to everything still being stretched, in my 2ww I had slight pinching pains in my tummy quite low down and lower back ache again no sickness. After about 3 weeks got vieny boobs.

I am now in my 2ww af due on the 15th Jan, have them pinching pains again and slight lower back ache, but trying not to get my hopes up too much.

Not sure if any of the above info is any help :) :)
Very best wishes Rio & Mikeys Mummy x hope you get your BFP real soon :hug:
good luck hun, it sounds quite hopeful :hug:

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