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    Hello everyone. Alot of people seem to have concerns about bleeding and cramping. I am 15 weeks pregnant now, with my first pregnancy. About 2 days before my period was due I had so many symptoms that felt just like PMS. My boobs were sore, I had cramps that felt EXACTLY like PMS cramps, and my skin broke out. Since we had only started trying that month and the odds of conceiving that quickly are low I was sure that I was about to get my period. Then on the day my period was due I bled a very small amount of brown blood. I thought for sure my period was starting. The next day the bleeding had stopped which has never happened to me before. I took a first response and it was negative but then my girlfriend told me that I might just have lower than usual pregnancy hormones and that a blood test would be more accurate. Sure enough it was positive. For the next few weeks I experienced period like cramping and light bleeding, off and on. The bleeding stopped around week 7 or so and the cramping has almost completely gone away now. I found the cramping and bleeding to be very scary but my ob assured me that it wasn't uncommon. She said that the blood was probably implantation bleeding and as long as it remained small amounts of brown blood it was not much of a concern. She also said that the cramps were caused by my uterus expanding. Anyway this was my experience and it's different for every woman. But I hope this helps :)

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