my husbands not coping very well

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Mar 9, 2006
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Morning all I hope your all ok.
I have just the worst weekend for a long time. Fri am my grandad had another heart attack and is very ill in hospital and my husband has been very emotional alot over the weekend. He keeps saying he feels angrey why did our baby die ? why did it happen to us? I think the thing that didnt help was we hadnt seen his sister for months since we lost our baby and she is preg with twins (24 weeks) and we went lunch with them yesterday and seeing her heavy preg it hit home to him that I should be like that. we were due around the same time. Also my brother in law kept saying about not planning to much to do in june as his boys would be born. Well our baby would be born in june and being a boy my husband was so proud we were havin a boy. :cry:
I thought he was coping really well he has been so stong for me thats whats got me though our sad time but he seems to have gone to pieces in the last few weeks he keeps crying so much which is so not like him (hes a lads lads a bit of a roughy tuffy bloke!) :wall: Since we got our results from the hospital I have tryed to be positive and look to the future. I dont know how I can help him, I listen to all what he wants to talk about. He was there every step of the way and saw everything. When I gave birth to our son at 18 weeks, we saw our son to say goodbye. He even came to the loo with me everytime when I was bleeding and had bad clotts. He has been my rock and a prefect husband. I couldnt have coped without him. But he hurts me so much that I cant make things better for him and take his pain away.Has any of you other ladies had to be strong for your partners?? How can I help him?
sorry for the long post but I just needed to talk. thanks for reading xx
kirstie :cry:
dd feb 02
mc jan 06 angel Harvey 18 weeks xx my lil man xx
awww hun my heart goes out to you and your husband the last few months must have been really difficult for you :(
maybe its worth thinking about some councelling whatever you decide to do i wish you both all the best and remember there is always someone here to talk to big hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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