My Grandmothers Name Is Posing A Problem!


Sep 22, 2006
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Hi all,

As a tribute to my grandmother who was always there for me right up untill the day she died, I would like give my child her 1st name as a middle name, if I turn out to have a girl.

The two names I really for a girl is Paris, and Skye, however, I cant see my nans middle name "Dorothy" going with any of these!

Can you please help me come up with some sort of compromise or help me find some way of getting the name "dorothy" in somewhere!

All Advice will be greatly recieved!


if you are only going to call you child with his/her name every day life then i dont think your nans name would be a problem.

who cares what anyone else thinks its your baby so go with what you like best :D

take care
I think Dottie is a lovely name but that doesn't really work as a second name either :doh:

Hope you come up with something :)
How about choosing a middle name and having Dorothy as a third name? That solves it all! Or just put them all together, it's what you and ONLY you like! Paris Dorothy Skye! Sounds lovely :D
yep my grandads name is going to be a 3rd name for Jakob
Heyyy Popular Name!!!

Thats the name I have picked if I hav a boy Jacob Dennis, "Dennis" being after my Grandfather!!

Great minds think alike!!! :dance:
doh! i liked it cause not many people have it! lol lately everyone is choosing it though :doh:

true though great minds do think alike hehe! he will be Jakob Alan Harry

Alan is my fiance's name, it runs through the men in his family

and Harry being my grandads name :D
Well its not a common way of spelling it so thats something!!

I do like your choice of middles names! It rolls off the tongue I must say!!

Noticed you haven't got long of your pregnancy left! Keep me posted on how things are progressing!! xxxxx
usch i wish it would progress quicker, i keep complaining now lol but my back is in agony, i cant sleep, im always hot, my blood sugar is creating dizzyness, my ankles are giant, im getting stretching pains etc etc etc lol
and to top it off he is teasing me, i get mini contractions and loads more braxton hicks, and then mini shows but then nothing for ages! :(

lol!! im terrible.

Thankyou for complementing my chosen names :)

You're are very nice too...skye was my girl choice but DF wasnt too fond but i love it, that and Skyla too...

Cas x
What about putting Dorothy first? Dorothy Skye sounds nice. You could still call her Skye....? My Nan has always been known by her middle name...

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