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May 21, 2005
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I found a couple of bargains on my trip to Cape Town. Baby sharing with us until we move (currently selling house).
Have now only bought cot and changing unit in the sales. Very happy now and despite the fact that baby will share with us, we're making sure it'll have a lovely view to wake up to!!!!!
Just wanted to share this with you all - I can't wait for this bunny to arrive!
lots of love
Emilia xx :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Wow im so jealous, that view is wonderful, i wish i had a view like that to wak e up to!!! just a row of houses and cars for me to look at in the morning!!

Nice furniture, you have more than me!!!

Natalie x

At least you got cars - I got double yellow lines outside my house, that's when it's not raining and we can actually see out of the windows. If I stand on the window ledge and stretch out of the window, I can see the beach, beyond all the chip papers, beer cans and pizza boxes which litter the streets by tea time. There's an overgrown garden across the road which provides greenery.

Can I buy your house Emilia, I'm not bothered about sharing with the kids - we'll all sleep in the garden. :wink:

The cabinet is soo cute, and a perfect fit. Puts my boring MFI units to shame :oops:
Hi TracyM
You made me laugh out loud!!!! I know what it's like you know - used to live in Edinburgh for a long time (city centre)!!!!!
Must admit - in limbo at moment and don't know where to live. You'll be surprised to know that our house is in the market for about £160,000 and has 5 beds, 3 bath, MASSIVE garden and swimming pool! We can't even find a 1 bedroom flat back in Edinburgh for under £160,000.
You've very welcome to come and visit!! We've had everyone else from Scotland visiting this year - just make sure you stash your suitcase FULL of Tunnocks Tea Cakes!!!!!!!!! :lol:

I'm off to the estate agents first thing ;)

Ours is just under £100k. Nice big former guest house (8 bedrooms) is about the only good thing going for it, the area is crap - surrounded by druggies and alcies. Luckily, on our block it's mostly nice families, but the kids aren't allowed onto the next block where all the guest houses are converted into DSS flats. 5 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms with garden round here would be £250k and that's cheap compared to other places in the country, and it still rains.

It's amazing how good value property is abroad - we've looked at Australia and Canada but couldn't bear to leave the family. My work means I could work anywhere in the world and still have the same take home pay, but I still live within 10 miles of where I was born - I'm just a chicken!!

What on earth are Tunnocks tea cakes????? - chocolate covered marshmallow things???.

Tracy xx

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