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Jul 6, 2006
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Hiya everyone,

I have introduced myself on the introductions board. I thought i would just pop onto this section and say hi. Its been 1 year 3 months and 1 week since my angel grew her wings. She died in the womb at 37 weeks gestation.

We made a website for Kyler, for people to see her and pay tributes. The site does contain photographs of her and i wouldnt be atall offended if people were to choose to not look. I understand its a very sensitive issue to most.

In some ways my loss was quite recent but at the same time it feels like forver since my baby died. I would like to offer a shoulder or an ear to anyone who needs it who has suffered a loss of a child in anyway. I think its so important to have people to talk to who understand.

This is Kylers site...

Hugs to everyone and floaty angel kisses to our angels xxxxx
i just looked on the website, she is beautiful, really really beautiful.

she looks in every way perfect.

i really really love the pendant too. such a nice idea.

bless your beautifull angel

im sure she is playing happy in heaven with the other baby angels and watching lover you, and blessing your new baby soon to arrive

:hug: thanks for sharing
thanks for sharing this with us hun your daughter is beautiful and perfect
looking and reading the site brought lots of memories back about jamie i still dont know what happened to him yet but hopefully will find out something next week when we get the results of the post mortom :(
when jamie was buried my sister put a necklace on him which is half of a broken heart and i have the other half with the inscription i love you more today than yesterday but less than 2moro on it when the 2 halves are joined, it makes me feel closer to him knowing i have 1 half and he has the other its like always having a bit of him with me :D
losing a child has got to be the hardest thing anyone can ever go through it has left me feeling empty, devestated, like my heart has been ripped out :cry: every night i pray that i dont wake up 2moro and can be with my son once again.
my thoughts are with you hun xxxxx
alison my heart goes out to u hun i dont know wot id do if i had been thro wot u and rach have u are both very strong women and very brave for sharing ur storys about ur gorgous angels with us
:hug: Thanks for the kind words Dionne its really sweet x

Rach, I completely understand how you are feeling right now, the grieving journey is the hardest thing ive ever gone through and ive had a fairly rough life as it is. Losing my baby is most definately the hardest thing ive ever had to come to terms with. I think the necklace sounds beautifull and i definately believe that the chains will link us with our babies :hug: . What you said about praying you dont ever want to wake up again brought tears to my eyes. I remember very clearly feeling that way and on more than one occasion i came very close to taking my own life. I am so so glad i didnt. An old lady told me not long after Kyler had passed, that time has no relevance in heaven, that we just have to make the most of our lives here on earth until we meet again. It feels significant now but at the time i couldnt understand it atal. You are at a very raw stage of loss hunni and i know it doesnt feel like it now, it will get easier. I never wanted it to get easier, i just wanted my baby back. You will get stronger again and you will become happy in precious Jamies memory.

Im sorry for the long waffly post, theres no stopping me once i get started.

Take care sweetheart, love ali xxx
What a beautiful dedication to your beautiful little girl.

I think you are amazing for sharing that with us all.

Anyone who loses a child and gets through it is a hero in my eyes.
BubbleOne said:
Anyone who loses a child and gets through it is a hero in my eyes.

Most definitely.

That is such a lovely website and your little girl is beatiful.
Thank you for sharing that.

Your baby girl is beautiful, she will always have a place in your heart.

My heart, prayers and love go to you.

Laura xxxxxxxxx
im sitting in tears hear you girls are such an inspiration i honestly have no idea what you must be going through you are so brave rach and alison life is just so unfair, both your babies are so beautiful and are so lucky to have such lovely mummies, i wish you all the best for the future you deserve so much to be happy i know jamie and kyler will be watching you and be so proud.


i have no idea what you must be going through but i am so sorry 4 loss of the little angel so was perfect in everyway and so beautiful
my love goes out to you and best of luck in the future
bekki & Aaliyah
aww darling I dont know what to say. She was so adorable. sat here crying and I didnt even know her..... a little soul that can touch someone shes never met must be a VERY special little girl indeed. I bet she watches over her mumy everyday and is so proud of what she sees.

Thinking of you ((huge hugs)) :hug:

Just looked at the website she is so beautiful hun, i am sorry taht you had to go through that , you are very strong.
Katrina xx
Oh Alison, that is a beautiful site, and Kyler is perfect. I love the one with the photo of you and your hubbie on your wedding day.

Reading this has brought tears to my eyes, I can only begin to imagine what you, Rach and other mums who's babies are born sleeping go through. You are all so strong.

Thanks everyone so much for your lovely comments, you are all really lovely.

Love ali xxx
hi hun can i ask when they started treating you when you were pg i seen consultant today and my baby also died due to placenta clots i have to have a test for a genetic blood disorder which causes clotting but dont know what its actually called i know my tests for lupus came back negative but now they want to test me for something else
they have also said when i fall pg again they will treat me with heparin and aspirin from 8 to 36 weeks just wondering how far along you were before they started treatment?
hope you dont mind me asking xxxxxxxxxxx
I was struck with tears & didn't know what to say at the time.

Kyler is beautiful Alison in every way her site is really touching x :hug:
hi rach,

i think i posted this in your inbox...not sure now lol. They started me on heperin at 7 weeks when they saw heartbeat. Im on aspirin for life so just carried on with that as normal.

Love ali xxx

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