My angel Kyler Jane

Kyler is beautiful,like most of us I am in tears,I can't begin to understand how you feel,you seem so strong,thank you for sharing Kylers web site and photos with us :hug:
bagpuss xxx
What a beautiful site and a great gesture for your daughter helping her memory to live on. You are prob one of the bravest women alive and my heart goes out to you, I was so touched by the site and pleased you have felt you can share it with us all. God Bless Kyler, she is perfect. :hug:

I have just visited Kyla's webpage and feel privileged that you have shared it with us. Its a beautiful and touching way to keep your precious baby's memory alive...Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
...I had a lump in my thoart reading your story, which is particularly poignant to me as I suffer the same condition. If I had not had miscarriages early on prior to becoming pregnant with my son, I could quite easily have lost my son in such a tragic way and I do not believe I have the strength of character to have coped.
Yet again I have met an amazing woman who has been able to battle on through such devestating circumstances. You deserve every happiness that life brings and I really hope no more sadness ever enters your heart.
Alison, me,OH and my mum are sitting in tears reading her site. U r inspirational, just like rach, my heart goes out to you.

Big hugs, and ur daughter is gorgeous xxxx :hug:
I've just looked at your site, I don't know how you have got through such a terrible loss, she is beautiful.
i'm so so sorry hun for you and your family. your precious daughter is so beautiful. i'm sorry i cant think what else to say. xx

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