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"mixed infection"


Nov 21, 2007
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Hi everyone,
Was wondering if anyone had been told they had a "mixed infection" in their urine test?
Went to have my second Haemogloban (iron) test today and they asked for another urine sample as the last one (4 weeks ago) had this "mixed infection". I asked them what it was, they said they didn't know, most probably wasn't anything, but could be "something" so they asked for another test. I've ruled out pre-eclampsia as I had one of those tests 2 weeks ago at my GP surgery which was fine.

Probably will be nothing, but it's going to be a long week of waiting to find out what this is. If anyone has similar experience, would be grateful if you could shed any light on what the mysterious "mixed infection" means.
it just means that rather than growing one particular bacteria which would prove infection or none at all which would confirm no infection they managed to grow several different bacteria from your urina sample.

Thisusually means there is no "true" infection as none of the bacteria were strong enough to crowd the others out and cause a problem and often means it was contaminated (ie bugs got into the sampel from outside - usually from normla healthy bacteria that live on your skin.

So... nothing to worry about :) just means they will send another sample to check that non of those bugs have crowded the others out and are preparign to fight :)
many thanks indeed for that- seems to make sense, shall go and have a cup of tea and tell myself to stop worrying!

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