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Midwife today, BB's and kicks


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Aug 3, 2007
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I had midwife today, everything is fine. I wont see her now for another 5 weeks but to be honest this is fine as Ive decided I dont like her too much. She's a bit of a snotty know it all. She had a fit when she knew I had a doppler....even though I said I didnt hardly use it :roll: OH happened to mention it when she asked if he had heard heartbeat. Ive planned to have a homebirth so Im hoping the other midwife she brings with her for the main part is alot nicer. On a plus point theres more chance of me hitting her than OH whilst Im in labour. I might possibly change her :think:

BB's what can I say apart from LEAKAGE!!!!! Bluerghhh made me feel quite sick :puke: I bought breast pads now to save any wet patch incidents. Feels more real now though!!

Kicks....my bubba kicks sooooo much now! Feels like he never sleeps. I love it though, we play games - he kicks, I poke, he kicks even more :rotfl:

Hope everyone is ok

i play games with tameron aswell :rotfl: very similer to urs lol or i put on some loud music n we have a mini party :rotfl:
Hey, happy xmas Sar!!! Got my midwife app next Thurs...i still know nothing about antenatal classes etc and i still don 't have my matb1 form and i'm leaving work in 6 weeks!!!
My bb's aren't leaking at all...but they are fooking huge which Matt is loving!!!! :rotfl: :hug:
MerryChristmas! Glad your visit went ok, even if you've got a bit of a grumpy mare as your MW :(
Leakage is gross...mine started last week too, thank god for breast pads!!
It is great you can feel your little one move too! I can feel mine having a party too which is great for the most part, although he/she makes me jump out of my skin some times! :D
glad to hear all is well hun
my boobies aint leaking yet :)
manda xx
Good to hear everythings going well with you and baby. It's a shame you haven't got a nice midwife though.
Why did she have a fit about the doppler? Are they bad?

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