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Maternity Grant question


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Jan 19, 2008
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Just a quick question as I'm not sure if I'll be entitled to the sure start maternity grant.

My income last year was £21500 and I've just had the child tax credit award of £500 and something for the year. Obviously my income will drop significantly this tax year while I'm on maternity leave, I worked out my total annual salary will be £13962.

I've phoned the tax credit help line today and told them this new amount and they said they would recalculate my tax credits. I'm guessing the award will increase, but do you think I'll now be entitled to the maternity grant? Will I be receiving the higher element of child tax credit, and how do I know if I am? Or will I be entitled when the baby is born?
I was unsure of this as before my maternity leave i wasn't entitled to it. But after baby was born i gave it ago anyway, and i got it! There is absolutely no harm in trying. I did it when baby was 2 months old as i was already on the new pay, and you have til baby is 3 months.
i tried before summer was born and they refused me so ive tried again now and am awaiting a reply - doesnt hurt to try
i couldn't get it before charlotte was born so i didn't try.

there are a number of ways you are entitled to it - i'm sure if you get maximum working tax credit you get it.

after the baby is born when you go on to standard maternity pay £112 a week (i think) they only count £5 of that as income. so if you are just getting paid that each month it is classed as £20 income a month.

sorry if you are confused- i was at first but pm me if you want further info x
got a letter this morning and ive now got it :cheer:

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